Steffadoll all dolled up!

Jimbo’s transformation fetish struck me as such a creative, playful concept – not to mention unusual – that I asked his wife/Goddess Steffadoll for her perspective. Here it is, in her own words:

“I guess I will describe the doll transformation since it’s kind of our go to thing. Most married couples call ‘normal’ sex missionary, yet doll transformation to us is ‘normal.’ I also do a bunch of other transformations, but I think doll is both of our favorite.

The first few times I was transformed, it was kind of awkward. I really didn’t know or understand what he wanted to happen or how it worked at all. And at that point it was definitely all an act. He would basically tell me beforehand (like not in the sex moment- more just randomly during dinner or something) what he wanted to happen. Then, when we did go play, I would know how the scene should play out and what to do.

By now though, I kind of know the routine and can tell what he wants by his gestures or things he says during and honestly, I hold the power now as opposed to him until the moment my mind starts to go. It’s definitely gone beyond acting now. When I’m becoming his doll for him, I actually feel like it’s happening and can really imagine it.  I think it’s really a type of self hypnosis. That made all the difference. It’s sooooo hot. When it was all an act and nothing really changing in my mind, it was fun, but not quite as amazing as it is now that my mind is in it.

Being a Real Live Doll

Here’s a an example of how a freeze/doll scene can work (Caution! Lots of cumming ahead):

When we start, he will say ‘May I please play with my doll?’ or ‘Will you freeze for me?’

I giggle and say something like ‘you don’t have any dolls’ or ‘what do you mean freeze?’ Or sometimes, he just puts a finger on the spot where he wants the freeze to start and I start freezing from there. And then I convince my mind that this is happening.

Somewhere around this part is where he becomes in charge for the rest of the scene. He likes the idea that I don’t realize what’s happening sometimes. So, I can still walk around the room like normal. Then, my legs may start getting harder to move. I’ll say something like ‘I think there’s something wrong with my legs’ and he’ll say something like ‘Oh? Maybe you’re just tired.’

My legs get stiff and my feet start being impossible to move. I start really getting scared. I will cry or scream and try to move them with my hands. At that point he will usually come up and tease me and whisper in my ear that he is causing this and I am turning into his little doll. I am confused. I don’t understand what he means.

Then, he will start playing with me, fucking me, fingering my clit and I am unable to move my legs and get away. But, part of the freeze thing is that anything that feels good feels even better. So, I enjoy the fucking very much and cum over and over.Part of the game sometimes is that every time I cum, more of my body starts to freeze. It works its way up my back to my tits and my arms then my hands.

Like I said, this is more than acting to me. I can actually feel my skin getting harder, colder, smoother. Then he likes to position me how he wants me and pose me. I still have control of my face and tell him I don’t understand how I can be so scared but have so much pleasure. He tells me it’s because dolls like being played with.

Then my face starts to change. At that point he likes to make sure he’s in a position where he can see my face. My lips start to get stuck. I try to talk but they keep forcing themselves into this pouty smile. At about that time what is left of my human mind starts to go. My eyes start to get bigger and go blank. All I can think or say is ‘You like playing with doll?’

He responds , ‘Yes, very much.’

As my lips get more and more stuck in the pouty smile and my mind goes blank I cum more. Somewhere during this face/mind change is where he cums (if he didn’t when my hands changed). But if for some reason he didn’t cum, we’ve talked about him just continuing to use me completely frozen, then he playing with me while I’m frozen, putting make up on me or playing with my hair. Then he will release me from being frozen and will watch me slowly change back in the opposite order of the freeze. We just never make it that far. Lol.

Dressing the Part

The whole thing is just so enjoyable for me. I’m his Dominant, but when we do doll play, he becomes the Top and it’s very exciting. It’s like bondage with no ropes. You are helpless and can be used in whatever way your partner sees fit.

I made a cute Lolita style doll dress that I wear sometimes. I actually am thinking about making another one. I really like dressing up in it. We want to make a good doll TF video sometime soon, we just need a new camera. The videos we have are kind of old and from before we had it all figured out.  We’ve talked about getting one later this summer and make a movie that we can edit and show my hair and makeup actually changing. That would be a lot of fun and would be good fap material for him later.

Thank you for letting us share our unique fetish with you. It just goes to show the joy you can find in unexcpected places!”

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