The Professor: My Version

By Kendra Holliday | April 7, 2013

Ed Note: This is the post that was front and center when my former boss discovered my site in 2010 and fired me for having a sex blog. Um, yeah.

Sexy student oh yeahhh

Sexy student oh yeahhh

Matthew, Rockabilly Girl and I were up for some Professor/student roleplay.

He told us to wear skirts with no panties or bra. The air was charged with sexual tension, but he didn’t make his move, not yet. He informed us, “The game begins when a glass of whiskey is set in front of me.”

I eagerly fetched him a glass, and with the clunk of the drink on the table, a switch was flipped.

Rockabilly Girl and I stood nervously grinning as he took a swallow of Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde potion, set it down, then loomed over us.

He was the Professor, and we were his students.

“So, you two want an A, do you?”

We looked at each other and giggled, but he was dead serious.

“Yes, please Professor, we don’t want to lose our scholarships,” we said earnestly.

“You two are roommates?” he asked.


“Best friends?”


“You don’t LOOK like best friends. Prove it.”

We giggled and tentatively faced each other. Then we started making out, sighing and getting into it.

He circled us, leaned it to sniff us, stood very close.

He ordered us to undress each other. We unbuttoned our tops. They fell to the ground. Then he told us to get down on our knees. We obeyed.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. We eagerly sucked it together, taking turns bobbing our heads up and down on it, licking his balls, inhaling his manhood.

Then he stood us up and bent us over the table, side by side. We ached with anticipation.

He lifted our skirts and said coolly, “I’m going to fuck both of you now. Whoever gets my load gets an A.”

He pushed his cock into her pussy first. I looked over my shoulder so I could watch it slide in.

He possessed her swiftly, and I wriggled with lust.

Then he switched over to my hole, invading my saucy little pussy as if it was the first time. I gasped with delight.

He pulled out much too soon, and went back to her. As he grabbed her hips and slammed into her, he growled, “Whoever eats my cum gets an A, too.”

This time he didn’t hold back, he impaled her hot, wet pussy fiercely as I kissed and nuzzled her neck and breasts as they hung and swayed over the table and she held on for dear life.

He roared and unleashed a torrent of hot seed deep inside her. That made me weak in the knees and I melted – I sank to the floor and crawled over to gaze up at their sticky union.

He slipped out of her and I felt his sweat and cum drip down on me. It trickled down my shaking chest – my god I wanted to taste it. I pushed my face this way and that into her dripping snatch like a little piggy. I licked his cum out of her pussy and it tasted so incredibly good I couldn’t help but moan and rub my clit. We all came, but more importantly,

We got our A’s.

But that’s just the first half. We went back to the bedroom and switched gears. Now we’re just three people totally into each other, and we take turns sitting on his face and cock, making out with each other, then we’re both jerking him off. She and I start having a girly chat over his dick, it’s like we’re having a tea party threesome until he snaps his fingers to get us back on task.

Then I’m sucking his dick while she’s kissing him deeply, and we’re smothering him with fucking hot pussy and in between all of that they shove a butt plug in my ass and make me scream and we’re all cumming again, this time down each other’s throats and the whole thing is so goddamn funny sexy wildly hot! We cover all the bases. Then we kiss her goodbye and she takes her leave to be with her girlfriend and husband, and he and I fuck some more and indulge in the grandaddy of aphrodisiacs –


“Thank you for making my Professor/Student/Cream Pie fantasy come true,” I sigh as I cuddle into his big, strong embrace.

“Anything for you, Darling,” he murmurs into my hair.

(You can read his version of this scene here.)


Mark 2013-04-08 07:36:48

I remember that! Your “outing” story and those blog posts after that about your ex were when I found you on the internet. That was right when my ex and I were getting divorced. She was waving around court my kinky love letters I wrote to her and sending them to my work in an attempt to hurt me and keep me from having custody of my kids.

Thanks for standing up to your haters, doubters, and persecuter with courage and dignity. That helped me feel not so alone out there, and helped give me strength through that insanely tough time.



Cornelius 2013-04-08 09:51:16

Congratulations on still standing!



Castiel 2013-04-08 10:03:45

“…OK, Castile, stop touching yourself” Hahahaha lol


CrazyCockAcres 2013-04-10 15:55:28

“Sexy student oh yeahhh” Oh yeahhh is right!!


Molly 2013-09-05 06:52:31

Ysy for making fantasies come true but boo for losing jobs. I wonder now, if after all this time, you feel like being outed eventually gave you and opportunity to explore a life that maybe if you had not lost your job you might never have done?



    Kendra Holliday 2013-09-05 08:45:14

    Oh FOR SURE! They ended up doing me a great service. I have been able to live authentically and realize so many dreams since that “tragic” day! Just look at the post I just put up!


Sammi 2013-09-08 23:03:09

I remember when that happened as well. And quite a hot post!


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