The Many & the Proud: Vaginas Deserve Purple Hearts

By Kendra Holliday | July 3, 2017

The Purple Heart Medal is given to
soldiers wounded or killed.
What would a medal given to
women giving birth look like?

One time I pushed a 7 lb. baby out of my vagina.

Not only that, but I took the typical American route of childbirth and went to the hospital, got an epidural, laid on my back, had an episiotomy (a surgical incision in the perineum made to enlarge the vagina and assist childbirth), and had my baby vacuumed out of me. (One thing I didn’t experience was a C-section.) If all this sounds whack to you, I highly recommend you read Misconceptions by Naomi Wolf, and then watch The Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth.

Keep in mind that during my entire pregnancy, I read up on natural childbirth and walked into the hospital proudly carrying my birthing plan. But as soon as my water broke, I freaked out and cried and the birthing plan, with its birthing ball and breathing exercises, went out the window. Oh, how I wish I had a doula.

This was absolutely one of the hardest things I have done in my life. I have no idea how women do this more than once. It is one of the only times I have literally seen stars and fainted. The doctor stitched me up down there ala Frankenpussy.

After they took the urinary catheter out and my epidural wore off, I went to the bathroom. You know how you can stop and start the flow of urine? To my horror, the pee fell out of me. I had no control over it whatsoever. I wept. They gave me warm compresses to put on my traumatized pussy and told me not to have sex for six weeks.

Breastfeeding pretty much killed my sex drive, but we did have sex a month or two after I gave birth. And guess what? It hurt. The episiotomy scar was raw and intense. I kept waiting for my sex drive to return and for it to stop hurting during sex. Several times I thought I was broken forever, and that I’d never enjoy sex again like I did before. Dark times, people.

It took more than a year, but I finally fully healed and reclaimed my body (I breastfed for a year). I do my Kegel exercises and even have a vaginal barbell.

The whole point of this is to let all you new moms and dads know that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not sure if childbirth has something to do with it or if it’s just me sexually evolving, but I’m more orgasmic and love fucking more than ever.

Just don’t get me pregnant, OK?

Women should receive an equivalent to the Purple Heart medal that is given to wounded soldiers, except it should be for celebrating creativity instead of honoring destruction.

And remember – the next time you call someone a pussy, you are saying they are tough, amazing, resilient, and STRONG.


The Lusty Chick 2011-09-26 13:53:22

I had the dreaded C-Section! And not only that, I gave birth to a 10 pound 11 ounce baby which made my healing process a little longer than expected. My nipples leaked constantly although I breastfed, and when he started to cry, it leaked even more. Going back to work was a mess because I had to wear maxi pads in my bra to keep my clothes from getting wet, and because our babies are so in-tuned with our bodies, my breast would still leak more when he cried, although I was 40 minutes away from him.

Now he’s an 11 year old game geek with an iPhone. (My old iphone):heart:


    Kendra 2011-10-02 14:57:56

    Um, my daughter is an 11 yr old game geek who loves using my old iphone as her ipod, too! (I don’t think I’m going to let her have a cell phone until she’s in 7th grade.)


Lionman 2011-09-26 22:09:14

Vaginal barbell – now you got me imagining your pussy lips doing presses – 25 reps please.
Actually know about Kegels and always appreciate women that can give me the pulsating tight squeeze.
Yep, celebrate creativity instead of destruction – should be applied to all parts of life.


double b 2011-09-28 16:46:49

You should have respect for the word pussy !!!! Pussy is very near and dear to my heart. I think TBK should announce a new award for “the pussy”—The Pussy Purple Heart,,,ladies you earned it.


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