The King’s Birthday Buffet

By Kendra Holliday | November 6, 2016

I’m proud to say that the gang bang I had for my 40th birthday kicked off a tradition among my friends – orgies celebrating their 40th, 50th, etc. birthday! There have been several in the St. Louis region, featuring various fantasies and frivolity, sometimes before a fire, sometimes beneath the glow of a red light…

For science!

For science!

The thing is, you have to EARN an incredible orgy for your birthday – you can’t just dial it in. You need to spend years cultivating friendships with people who are in touch with their sexuality, and, more importantly, love and respect you.

My partner Matthew lovingly organized my gang bang, so it was only appropriate I return the favor by arranging a comparable 40th birthday celebration for him.

He helped make my fantasy of being surrounded by awesome male energy come true, so guess what? He wanted to be surrounded by awesome female energy!


We improved on the formula. This was not just a reverse gang bang, no ma’am.

This was going to be BETTER than that.

After making a list of who we would like to be present, I sent the following invitation to eight women:

Dear Women of High Esteem and Even Higher Regard,

The King's Beard

The King’s Beard

I would be so honored if you could lend your sacred female energy to the celebration of My King’s 40th birthday celebration.

Please bring a robe to wear once inside. Cocktails will be served. Decadent catering by Shameless Grounds.

The premise: Women will lounge about in robes, chatting and bonding. The King will beckon us one by one back to his chamber for exclusive quality time, on each woman’s terms. Please know that you are not expected to do anything you do not want to do.

The evening will culminate with some group worship, with guest comfort level paramount. The goal is for everyone to be comfortable and well cared for.

With Sensual Respect and Reverence,

Queen Kendra of The Beautiful Kind

To our delight, EVERYONE responded with an enthusiastic YES!

We were like this.

We were like this. By Francesc Masriera –, Public Domain,

The stage was set. Or rather, the harem tent.

Candles were lit. Soft pillows and blankets were strewn about. Beautiful music played.

The women arrived, glowing with excitement. They ranged in age from 20’s-60’s, and varied in all shapes, sizes, shades.

All were beautiful and in touch with their sexuality. Some wore heels; others wore biker boots. They were eager to pay tribute to My King, and looked forward to some lovely girl time.

We changed into silky robes and lounged about on the soft cushions and cuddled into the folds of the blankets like kittens.

We toasted Matthew, then went around the room sharing how we knew him and favorite memories. One of the women knew him since high school! She told hilarious stories of his hijinks, back when she was taller than him! Some of the women were old lovers; some had never been intimate with him before.

Cuddly like kittens!

Cuddly like kittens!

Cocktails were served. We passed around trays of cheese, figs and chocolate covered strawberries.

By Bosc d'Anjou from New York, NY, USA - Figs for lunchUploaded by tm, CC BY 2.0,

By Bosc d’Anjou from New York, NY, USA – Figs for lunchUploaded by tm, CC BY 2.0,

Fruit from heaven

Fruit from heaven

I gifted each woman with a sparkling soap rock, assuring them that by the time it was all over, they would need to clean up! haha

Enter my sacred temple

Enter my sacred temple

After a while, I stood up and announced that the Ten Minute Testosterone Therapy sessions were about to commence. Matthew was to choose his first curvy celebrant, then she would choose the next, and so on.

He chose a woman he had never been with before, someone he respected and admired from a distance for years.

He took her hand and led her back to the bedroom, and closed the door.

For these brief interludes, he kept his pants on. He asked each woman what she was in the mood for, and what her limits were.

Every woman felt comfortable enough to tell him what she wanted, and that she had no limits.

He exchanged oral with Goddess #1.

When she emerged, warm and flushed, she chose Goddess #2.

Goddess #2 wanted to be held tight and spanked.

Goddess #3 requested oral.

Goddess #4 wanted to be fucked with a glass dildo and have her pussy smacked.

Goddess #5 craved light touch and teasing.

Goddess #6 sought control, and exploded in orgasm as he slowly counted down from 10 to 1, breathing in her ear.

Goddess #7 was an old lover who hadn’t been with him in a while. When she entered his chamber, she said with tears in her eyes, “I remember this…”

Goddess #8 enjoyed oral and breast orgasms.

Mmm, bask in the female energy!

Mmm, bask in the female energy!

In between each session, he discreetly washed up with the help of a handmaiden. It was so funny watching each woman emerge, staggering, dazed, hair messed up.

I love licking Lana!

I love licking Lana!

While this was all going on, we were lounging around talking, laughing, and listening to distant moans, gasps, slaps, shrieks. This turned us on more, so ladies started pairing off to pleasure each other.

One woman pointed at another and declared, “I’ve always wanted to eat your pussy.” The other woman, who identifies as “party-bi” said, “OK!” and they proceeded to writhe and squirt all over the couch!

After we all had our respective turns (I mainly basked in compersion and indulged my cuckqueaning fetish), it was time for us to have our way with HIM.

So we set up a massage table and he lay naked on it, and we rubbed oil all over him with our breasts and hands. We kissed him, played with his hair, massaged him with 18 hands! He was so overwhelmed!

Next, it turned into a freestyle event – I cuddled up on the couch with one of my dear friends. Some women danced.

Four women went back to the bedroom with Matthew for a mini-orgy. Women were crawling all over him, and just as one woman mounted his face and squirted in his mouth, his bed BROKE!

Mmm, massage!

Mmm, massage!

I woke up to see them laughing and dragging the broken bed frame out to the yard!

There were orgasms galore that night, and finally Matthew had his, albeit with his King size mattress on the floor and covered in lusty ladies! It takes a good man to pleasure that many women in one evening!

By then, it was after midnight. Some of the women had left. The remaining went to Denny’s with Matthew, or slept on the couch with me!

The evening was emotional, connected, open and safe. We felt protected and cared for. There’s no better combination than feeling both excited AND relaxed. Women can let loose and be orgasmic best when they feel comfortable and appreciated.

Goddesses in golden glow

Goddesses in golden glow

A woman who was there told me the party inspired her to cultivate more spaces for sharing positive female energy, and inspired her to follow her dreams. So awesome to hear!

Here are more words from the guests of honor:

“You two are wonderful. So much warmth and fun and connection all wrapped up in one evening!
Matthew, I’ll treasure the memory of your dazed and overwhelmed expression at the end of the massage and play time! I’m still a little wound up today!”

“I am still glowing and radiating from the energy that filled the King’s Castle last night. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the night. Not even the timer. 🙂
Kendra, I cannot thank you enough for putting this together and being such a wonderful Queen of Robes last night!
Matthew, you’ve introduced me to a new feeling. Maybe it’s your unique pheromones. Maybe it’s your confidence. Maybe it’s the symphonies and concerts you’ve taken me to. Maybe it’s your mind and all that it encompasses. Maybe it’s your manly stance. Maybe it’s when you unexpectedly turned me upside down and ate my pussy. The world may never know. What I do know is that I truly love you and I am honored to have been apart of your buffet and night of magic. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Matthew and Kendra. I love you both dearly.”

“Dearest Queen Kendra and King Matthew,
Thank you once again for inviting me to be a part of this breathtakingly beautiful celebration! I feel honored to have been included in the royal court.
I left feeling euphoric after experiencing so much love and laughter. It was an evening full of intimate connection among all in attendance, made possible by the sacred space the two of you created.
Matthew, as usual you were a perfect gentleman, ensuring the women were well taken care of despite it being your birthday celebration.
Kendra, I have so much admiration for you. Not only did you invite all of us to join Matthew’s birthday celebration, but you also tended to the little details to ensure a good time was had by all.
It might have been one of the best nights of Matthew’s life, and it was for me too!
I look forward to reunions of the royal court in the future. 🙂
Much love to you both as well as the members of the sisterhood”

“Warmth, friendship, connection, love and mutual respect. These are just a handful of words that come to mind when I think about the evening. It was amazing to be a part of such an incredible tribe of humans who were emitting magical, sexy energy all night.”

“It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of your day. As I sat, talked and laughed with the women gathered, I could tell why each one of them was important to you and it quickly became apparent how special they all truly are. As you well know, I don’t generally surround myself with women; however, the common love each of us has for you quickly bonded us as friends, a tribe of sorts. The commonality of our struggles with body issue, past loves, finding the right size pants at the department store, we covered it all! The openness of them talking about illness, loss, pain overwhelmed me with a feeling of belonging. A feeling I’ve lacked a good portion of my life I might add. While the evening was mostly a celebration of you, it also became a celebration of all of us. I think that is what I enjoyed most (besides the obvious). I also appreciated the opportunity to experiment aspects of my sexuality I’d never let come to light in a safe loving environment. I don’t say it nearly enough, but I love you, and hold you in a very special place in my heart. You help mold me and encourage me to become my ‘best me’. I am forever grateful, and eternally honored to be your friend.”

“From the moment the door opened I could feel the shiny happy sexiness. It was clear that the care and attention that went into planning – everything from the luxuriously soft throws on the harem-sized sofa to the arrangement of beautiful nibbles on their trays was there to support feelings of welcome, ease, curiosity. What will happen next? I can’t wait to find out!
Beginnings: Stories of connection shared. New friends, old friends, reconnected friends, all of us lovers.
In the midst: total joy, abundant friskiness, giggles, wiggles, juicy goodness, zero awkwardness.
Conclusion: Immense gratitude.”



“Matthew usually looks as if he carries a little heavy emotion around with him. His brow furrows, and his eyelids hang just a little low. Not that evening. After a couple of hours, he’d been transformed; he looked round eyed, wild haired, and filled with hazy wonder.
The women sat together in the living room, eating succulent finger food and drinking wine and bourbon. Each woman in turn staggered out of the bedroom wiping hair out of her eyes and trying to stay upright. We agreed that every slumber party from our high school years should have been a had a bedroom with one REAL man in it.
The massage! One man on a table with women surrounding him, trading places with one another, kissing and spanking each other, mouthing and caressing his body, straddling his mouth: it was quite the slow dance.
For a man’s birthday celebration, the party was unexpectedly woman-centered. We cheered each other on, told stories that we wouldn’t usually share, and nested in a pile of soft blankets.
Happy birthday, Matthew. A man who puts women first is a man who deserves this blissful evening.”

American Beauty!

American Beauty!


Mz Susan B 2016-11-06 11:52:17

Such a wonderful celebration and this blog about the festivities has such warmth in its descriptions. Best wishes for a marvelous year. Much love, Susan.


Az 2020-04-07 08:28:46

Wow! that sounds incredibly hot as I was reading it all long the way I just getting turned on. My thoughts was running wild filled with naughty thoughts. Such a sweet caring woman to do that. I think this mainly every guys dream. Lucky bugger.


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