The Fantasy

By Kendra Holliday | July 14, 2018

A pic of me being handcuffed, photo by Sevelin Sin

In my last post, I told you about a twisted, romantic fantasy I had, and how we were going to act it out in real life with Lana. Today, I am posting the fantasy. Next week, I will post how it played out in real life. How did it match up? How was it different? Which is better – the fantasy, or the reality?


Here is what I have in mind for us to do tonight.

You set the scene, and get me situated. I’m kneeling on the bedroom floor, naked, hands cuffed behind my back. Normally, I’m very much involved in our powerfully charged sex acts, but not tonight. Restrained, I can only quietly observe what is about to transpire.

Then, I watch you seduce beautiful Lana, standing there, kissing, hands roaming. The room is dimly lit, it’s romantic, you’re focused on her, I’m a fly on the wall.

Next, I imagine you in bed together, a sheet over you, seeing your big, bristling, muscular shoulders and chest compared to her smaller frame.

Her hair is all wild, you’re lying there kissing. You do whatever slow foreplay, oral or whatever, but I imagine you sucking on her breast as she gently tugs on your cock.

She wants it.

Your cock is STRAINING and finally you can’t wait any longer, and with a gentle growl, you push her legs apart with your thigh. You have to be inside her.

Now is the time.

You push and coax your way in, she readily receives you, she’s so hot and soft, finally you two are plugged in, skin to skin, snug. You’ve already made her cum, so that is not the goal here. Sure she can enjoy it, but this is for you, so you can finally fill her with cum and mark her, after knowing her for more than a decade. You’ve been biding your time, waiting for the right moment, but who would have known the right moment would involve the love your life being witness to this sacred act?

You fuck her and kiss her and she just soaks it up, you’re both making amazing sounds and are in the moment, into each other. You murmur to her that her pussy feels so good, she’s making your cock feel so good, she’s going to make you cum, you’re going to fill her with cum, not much longer now…. and when you cum, you know I’m over in the corner totally freaking out with desire, you’re fulfilling my ultimate fantasy, you know how much I love seeing you fully engaged with another woman, get a glimpse of what we look like,

I’m fucking her through you, I’m watching you fulfill the ultimate goal of man and woman – to join and melt together, to mark her with your seed, claim her. You thrust and push into her as deep as you can, and with a deep, guttural groan, I know you are exploding deep inside her, lacing her with cum. She is gasping and squirming against you, acting as a vessel, loving every minute of it, it turns her on so much, she’s been wanting this moment forever…

You cuddle and kiss and regroup, and when it’s the right time, I’m brought back into the scene. You check in with to make sure she is ready for what’s next, then come get me. You pull me up off the floor, cuffed, and arrange her so she is open and ready to receive my tongue cleaning. You make me look at her juicy pussy, admire it full of your cum, it’s leaking out, so pungent and used. Then you push my face into it and tell me to clean it, lick up every drop, taste the juices. Maybe then you uncuff me, and give me a bit more freedom, so that I can dig in and pleasure her as you move back to her breasts and face.

Once she’s cum from both of us working her over, then it’s my turn. You kiss me, my breath pungent of sex, and situate us so that I’m in the middle, doing my favorite thing, you on each breast, being sweet to me, me using vibe or my/your lubed fingers to get off.

After we all get off, we lounge around naked and bask in what just happened…

Next, read the reality


Beth 2012-09-28 08:29:38

I’ve been anticipating hearing the reality and now I have to wait until next week? =P That was very erotic though. I think I have a new fantasy now…..just have to find the right woman to help fulfill it.


santa 2012-09-28 16:05:27

WOW! Very Sexy!


Single Expat 2012-09-29 08:42:14

Knowing that women like you exist is both intensely frustrating and hopefully encouraging. I hope that I can find one with your mindset one day.


    Kendra Holliday 2012-09-29 19:36:01

    I hope you do, too! It’s so much more fun to be in charge of your sexuality and liberated, instead of repressed and letting others dictate your actions. I’m very in touch with my animal nature and desires. I hope I inspire other women to explore their sexuality with an open heart.


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