The Consummate Host

By Kendra Holliday | July 15, 2014

A perverted gentleman.

A perverted gentleman.

My partner isn’t really into swinger parties, orgies, and nude gatherings. He’s not particularly interested in group sex or exhibitionism like I am.

So it’s REALLY nice of him to accompany me, and even help host, extraordinary parties of this nature. He doesn’t just lurk in the corner, either. He plays a key role in making sure all guests feel comfortable. He is especially sensitive to newbies. He’ll greet guests at the door, patrol the halls, check on drinks and the comfort of the female guests, direct traffic – whatever it takes.

A couple years ago, we hosted a small sex party in an upscale hotel suite featuring three men and three women. Two of the men and one of the women were new to the whole thing, and very nervous but eager to try it out. We brought our good friend Rockabilly Girl, who is seasoned and experienced.

We had a wonderful time! They got to try new and amazing things. I got to get my freak on!

Recently, my partner received a sweet email from one of the male guests I wanted to share with you:

“Hello! On Saturday, my wife and I saw a new work at Steppenwolf Theatre called The Qualms, about a couple that tiptoes into polyamory by joining a swinger club with mixed (and very funny) results.

It doesn’t really go very well. And as she and I walked out, we both commented on how lucky we felt that everything went so smoothly in that hotel room a couple years ago with you and Kendra.

Given all the various components involved there was so much that could have gone wrong, but it was wonderful — for two nights in a row, no less! I think the reason was you most of all. You held the event together and made that room feel safe and secure and welcoming for this group of eager and befuddled newbies. Obviously your women are very skilled as well at creating that inviting environment, but I imagine that even with their best efforts I would have felt a bit odd with the other man there — you know how guys can get around other guys — so I’m especially grateful for your diplomacy.

Great people,  great times!”

His wife also sent me a note:

“I’ve been eager to echo my husband’s sentiments.

The play we saw recently left us both thinking of you guys, and scratching our heads at how lucky we were to have had such a great experience, when many really don’t. We are so grateful for the presence you brought, and the knowledge you shared. I know I sorta jumped into the deep side of the pool first, but it was only because I knew there were cool people in there to help me out.

I learned a lot about myself and who I want to be. Having those experiences with you guys makes me realize the kind of blood and bone love and admiration I have for my husband. He is a rare breed- a man who will talk his talk and walk his walk and never let jealousy or insecurity bring him a moment of doubt.

Again, I’m certain I never would have jumped in so deep and so far, and had such a fantastic fucking time without you guys.

Much love and thankfulness to you and Matthew!”

So sweet of them to share this. Just goes to show that you can expand your sexual horizons in a safe and sane manner, especially when you choose to spend time with the right people. I’m very grateful for my amazing partner who supports my endeavors and helps others realize their dreams!

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