Tenga Flip Hole

By Matthew | October 20, 2020

A post by my partner, Matthew!

One of the many benefits of having a relationship with a Sex Goddess Slut To Fuck is getting to check out awesome sex toys.

A while back Kendra delivered my now old, worn, well traveled and definitely abused friend, Jesse Jane to me. After all the good times JJ and I had together, (I passed her on to our friends in Colorado to take on their cross country trip, I wonder where she is now?) I was down for another round of male sex toy reviewing.

This time however, Kendra stepped it up a rung or twelve on the high tech sex toy ladder.She sent an email with a picture and a note saying “Look what is coming for you!!” I had just seen a snippet of a show highlighting the top innovations of that last year or so and the Tenga Flip Hole was high on the list.

“Fuck Yeah Slut!!!!” I replied.

The Tenga flip hole with lotion

She seemed even more excited than I was when it arrived. “Oh My God, Oh My God I wish I had a dick!!” she shrieked as we opened the sleek looking package. The Tenga website proclaims, “A blanket of bliss awaits within!”

I had heard a lot about other tube style tools for men but never tried one. I was pretty hyped up for my first poke to be with the Tenga.

It comes with three vials of lube, or as they call it, “Hole Lotion”: Mild, Real and Wild.

The inside of this tool looks like an inverted porcupine space age bumpy crater laden landscape made of an extremely inviting soft and pliable silicone. I seriously couldn’t wait to get my dick into this thing.

On my first expedition into this exotic paradise I used the “Real” lube.  Both the “Real” and “Mild” lubes are relatively thick which I liked a lot. It was really easy to apply the lube as the Tenga is hinged and folds open like a gun case.

There are three points at which you can apply pressure while sliding it on and off of your cock.   Each one of them creates a different sensation. One gives a suction type effect, another makes everything a bit tighter and the third makes focuses sensation a bit more on the head.


The color scheme and design made me feel like I was fucking Eve from Wall-E. Robo fetish bitches!!!

It didn’t take me long to bust my shit!!! This thing felt fucking great. The landscape is really unique and not the least bit over stimulating. I found that the combination of pressure plus the option to rotate the Tenga in a full circle offers differing enough sensations that anyone can find their “spot.”

I couldn’t tell a marked difference between the “Real” and Mild” vilals of lube but I can tell you that the vile “Wild” lube is not for me. It has something in it that gives that sort of mild BenGay/IcyHot effect which I am not into at all.

The clean up is really easy as well due to the folding design. All of the cum stays in the cracks and crevices inside so their is little “evidence” left at the scene. Walk it to the sink and give it a quick rinse, let it dry and that is that.

The instruction manual says the Tenga can be used about fifty times before it starts to wear out. I plan on finding out just how many strokes it takes to get to the center of this Fuck Hole Pop. Three down so far!!!

The Tenga is to the cock as the Hitachi Magic Wand is to the clit.

A must have for any person with a cock who masturbates.


Sriracha 2011-07-11 22:31:13

Didn’t even read the whole review before ordering one for my guy. Thanks Beast!!


    Kendra 2011-07-12 08:31:34

    Wise move. The other day I saw debate on twitter about men owning sex toys. They worried about the stigma attached, that he’s a loser who can’t get laid. Hogwash! He’s a man who appreciates pleasure! More power to him!


EvanderS 2011-07-16 00:03:44

I used to have one of those fleshlights… I found the thing to be cold, sticky and dirty.


    Kendra 2011-07-23 10:24:20

    THAT doesn’t sound very sexy!


Sonora 2011-09-12 17:09:03

After seeing a review of this on the TBK radio show I ordered one for my partner. I’ve had both toy AND penis envy after watching him enjoy it. I think Matt’s comparison to the hitachi is completely fair – I’ve never seen the man go off so fast before this. And it’s a sleek enough design that it looks classy on the nightstand, although I admittedly could have done without the Wall-E visual.

I know I slacked on photos… there are a few more of JJ coming. Sadly she has been retired after a bit too much road grime. And damn, but I wish I’d thought to leave her at Westboro on our way through Kansas on the way home! Perhaps with a thoughtful note? “Dear haters – gitchasome.”


Bianca James 2011-11-30 23:34:26

Just got one for my friend’s birthday!


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