TBK through a GPT filter

By Kendra Holliday | May 13, 2023

My client typed this into ChatGPT about me: “Compose a poem about a great 50-year-old woman who sees clients in her own home.”

ChatGPT 3.5:

Happy Spring!

A woman of fifty, wise and bold,
With stories to tell and hearts to hold,
She welcomes all into her home,
Where comfort and kindness are freely shown.

Her clients come with weary hearts,
Seeking solace from life’s many parts,
And there she sits with gentle grace,
Listening with a warm embrace.

Her words are wise, her touch is kind,
A healing balm for troubled minds,
And when they leave, they feel renewed,
Their spirits lifted, their hearts imbued.

For many years she’s lived this way,
Serving others day by day,
And though the years have come and gone,
Her spirit shines, a radiant dawn.

So here’s to this great woman we praise,
Whose kindness touches many in countless ways,
May her home always be a haven of peace,
Where hearts are healed and troubles cease.


Tony 2023-05-23 13:25:46

Dearest Beautiful Kind Kendra,
Why do I get really horny on Tuesdays? Am I alone in this? I’ve noticed this for the last three years. Have you found that other people have a horny day of the week or a really turned-off day? What about you?


    Kendra Holliday 2023-05-23 13:56:01

    Yes, it has to do with our brain and the environment it has to cope with.
    Cascading hormones erupt, due to our biology dealing with stressful lived experiences.
    Most people feel good on the weekend, when they get to relax.
    Most people suffer on Mon, when they have to be “ON” again.
    More heart attacks occur on Mon, so, if you survived another Monday, no wonder you’re horny and ready to rejoice again! You can live another few days, best make the most of it!
    Since I’m able to choose my own schedule, I get to be really turned on most days, and I choose pleasure over production.
    Rinse and repeat.


      Tony 2023-05-30 19:49:55

      Here it is Tuesday again and once again I am horney. Even after a three day weekend. Thanks Kendra!


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