Spontaneous Foursome

By Kendra Holliday | June 6, 2015

A few days after Joan Price left, I had friends over – my partner Matthew, and a couple we are dating.

A lot of my friends are polyamorous and no drama! This means they can easily get their physical and emotional needs met. They enjoy novelty, but also security – the best of both worlds.

As a result of this marvelous configuration that works for all of us, we can get together and have sex, or not have sex, and it’s alllll good. We enjoy each other’s company on many levels. Even if we only spend the evening talking and bonding, no one leaves feeling frustrated, especially because they are fulfilled. Plus, they can always go home and have sex!

It all feels intimate and wonderful. We don’t have to waste time on small talk – we can dive right into BIG talk!

This night was one of those evenings where we were sitting around the table talking, and I suggested, “Why don’t we all go to the bedroom?”

Everyone was down, so off we went!

We all took turns rubbing down the ladies (six hands lovingly caressing and rubbing you at the same time is sooo nice!) and administering orgasms.

Then the men each got a turn being smothered in pussy.

Here is a pic Matthew took of me sitting on my friend’s face!

Sexy love time!

Sexy love time!

I love this shot for so many reasons.

One, it’s spontaneous.

Two, it’s almost tasteful (literally and figuratively)!

Three, the candle glow is beautiful on the skin.

Four, look at how her earring sparkles like a star you wish upon!

Five, I love how we are intertwined – his arms are wrapped around my thighs and I’m pinning his hands down as I take my pleasure. Meanwhile, he’s pulsing with erotic energy and is engulfed in her mouth – she has amazing technique!

The best detail, though, is how she is focusing on him, but she reaches up to connect with me – her hand is on my foot – such a tender gesture! They are such a sensual couple.

One of my favorite things is when he is about to cum, he utters in this low and throaty voice, “You’re making me cuuuuuum!” So joyful to hear that!

We so treasure these moments.

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