Sleeping Beauty

By Kendra Holliday | February 10, 2013




Tonight when I go to bed, you will come visit me after I’ve fallen asleep. I will leave the front door unlocked, and you will let yourself in. You will be stealthy. I will be lying on my back, sleeping innocently. You will enter the bedroom, all hulking and silent. Unconsciously, I will smell you and be aroused. You’ll pull back the blanket. My nipples will stiffen under my nightclothes, and I will sigh softly.

You watch me sleep for a long time, and then finally you barely stroke my hair and face. I turn my face into your cupped hand. You trace my closed eyelids and lips with the tips of your fingers. My mouth parts involuntarily. Your fingers trail across my soft jawline, and your hand moves down to my slender neck, and rests there. All you have to do is squeeze…

You unbutton my shirt, one by one, until it falls to the sides and my small breasts, creamy torso, and concave belly are revealed. You watch my breathing for a while, and then you place a hand between my breasts, barely touching. I can feel your heat, and I am stirring just a little, but I keep my eyes closed. I can hear you breathing.

Your hand will dip down into the valley of my belly, down to my hipbones. You go back up and place your huge hands on my breasts, your fingers spread. You can feel my hard nipples poking into your palms. You keep one hand on a breast and let the other one snake down to glide over my pubic mound. You can feel heat through my pajama bottoms.

You slowly pull them off of me, working them over my round ass, down my legs, past my ankles. You caress my silky thighs, calves, the arches of my feet, then work your way back up. You rest your head on my thigh and inhale my scent. You move in closer and my pubic hair tickles your nose.

You sit up and shed your clothes. I still don’t open my eyes, but am aware of you. I hear the rustle of your clothes. It’s only when you are naked and covering me with your hot body that I reach for you and pull you close. I feel your chest hair tickling me, you nuzzle the crook of my neck, my long hair filtering through your fingers, cool and soft. Angel hair. I feel your erection pressing against me. One of your big thighs parts my legs, and you still aren’t close enough. Yet.


Kendra Holliday 2013-03-27 07:08:35

Incubus shared this experience with me:

A lover and I went out for drinks with co-workers. Tipsy, we headed back to my place. It was 11pm and we had to be up at 4am that next morning; she was booked on the crack-of-ass flight.

It was our last night together and we decided to skip sleep altogether, and stay up to play until morning, so I made coffee. Steaming cups in hand, I walked into the bedroom to find her beautifully sprawled out naked upon the bed, but also dead asleep.


Sitting sipping coffee, I stared at her. It was our last night. I had every intention of enjoying her and knew she didn’t wish to spend our last evening completely comatose.

So I climbed up behind, and thrust myself inside her!

I assumed she’d be sluggish upon waking, yet later she confessed being entered so quickly set her body instantly atingle (who knew?). She came almost immediately, hard and intense. She then relaxed, even yawned, and so I rested her head against the pillow. I lay beside her stroking her body and hair lightly, and soon she was asleep once again. The entire process lasted less than five minutes. I got off the bed, sat in a chair facing her, and sipped my coffee.


Ten minutes later I was pulling her legs open again. I forced myself inside, and again she awoke wide-eyed (and whispering the Lord’s name!). Within the minute she was again orgasming followed by three more, the last being exhaustive. Sated, she fell upon the pillow. I pulled out and petted her, murmuring endearments. She again fell asleep.

Initially, she fell asleep on her side, belly down, leg bent, and her ass looking ridiculous so the first few times I took her from there. After a time, I wished to see her front-side so I turned her upon her back. I spread her legs and placed her arms over her head. Positioned so, she slept away…


Back and forth I went, to bed, to chair, or standing over her staring down before venturing her again. Licking did not wake her (tried it once), so each time was the same. I’d climb behind or atop her and spread her legs. I assumed this alone would arouse her from sleep, but instead she moved easily, as though welcoming a lover to bed.

Each time I entered her was a shock. Her eyes would explode awake; an expression I grew to both adore and crave. It never took more than a minute for her to fly into orgasm, and the first was often followed by more. Always was there the big final burst after which I would then lay her down. Then, with a slight smile upon her face, she’d be asleep. Every ten to fifteen minutes I was upon her again; her snooze alarm from Heaven (or Hell, depending on one’s tastes).

I was continually surprised how fast her body could not only spring awake in sensation, but how her orgasm would lull her back to sleep so quickly. I was surprised she could repeat this waking/cumming/sleeping regime over and over again.

There lies trust.

Sitting before her, laying beside stroking her, or driving deep with her my fantasy flew, turning her from girlfriend, to slave, to sleeping Daddy’s girl, to fucktoy, to virgin princess, back to girlfriend, and from there roamed at will. I had a BIG pot of coffee.

After three hours of this ritual, I too orgasmed and then fell beside her and napped.

We were tired coming home that night. She had to travel that next day, and I had a full schedule. She didn’t mean or even want to fall asleep, she just did. It happens. I could have easily crawled in beside her. I needed the sleep. This was not a planned event (else I wouldn’t have had that fourth gin and tonic). An hour after I closed my eyes the alarm went off, yeah I had to get up, so did she. We were bleary-eyed on the drive to the airport, but we smiled often.

Sometimes you have to suffer for it…


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