Prostate Mama

By Kendra Holliday | October 17, 2021

I love giving prostate massages.

Setting the stage for prostate massage

I’ve done it many times, on my massage table, and on my bed.

Sometimes, the client requests it; sometimes, I suggest it.

It’s good for your health. It’s intense. It often elicits a different kind of release/orgasm.

For some, it can feel extremely pleasurable; for others, it can be more like a soul reboot.

The client arrives clean, meaning they have prepped for anal play by having an enema or emptying bowels. I always check on them when they show up, asking how they are feeling physically, and if they’re still in the mood/headspace for anal play. If they aren’t, we switch gears. If they are, we assume the position!

Actually, I have them lie facedown first. Before I penetrate their most sacred spot, I want to check in with all the rest of their body first. I want to acknowledge the entire being as a complete and whole individual, worthy of attention and respect. I want them to feel relaxed and aroused. I want to anoint them with my powerful female energy.

Female empowered

I am an expert. I am experienced. I am a goddess. I am a Priestess. I am mature. I can be trusted.

After body mapping them facedown, I have them turn over, and ask if they’d like a blindfold or not.

Then, I slowly work my way from crown to foot again, blessing them with sensual touch, but avoiding genitals until last.

I pay attention to the person’s breathing and body language. I share energy. I give and take. I give.

Finally, I get permission to enter the person’s body. I use lots of lube and gloves. It might get messy, but that’s okay – we have a towel underneath.

I get between their legs, kneeling in my power. They lie before me in surrender.

I always start slow and gentle. Most of the time, I just use one gloved finger (my middle left), but sometimes they want two. At first, I can’t feel the prostate, but before long, I can locate it because it’s filling up with ecstatic juices. It starts to feel like a walnut.

I stroke their cock with the other hand.

It’s so empowering to have their most precious parts in my hands, to witness so much sensation and pleasure. Their whole body is engaged – they sometimes moan and shake as if possessed – and they are. I’M possessing them. I’m pushing them to a place of electrifying oneness.

I’m pretty much in the same state – sweating, determined, strong, my arm and back aching, muttering the right phrases, carrying them over the thresh hold –

until they finally explode and levitate. Sometimes they get double release by sobbing as well.

Emotional discharge.

SO cathartic!

I can feel their heartbeat, from the inside out.

I am proud. I am accomplished.

Then I discreetly clean up the scene of the dream so that I can hold mental and physical space with them, cuddling, pillow talk, processing, coming back to earth, etc.

It feels so sacred to bear witness to this extremely vulnerable act. It’s incredible to have the honor to facilitate such an intimate ritual, tapping into the Seat of Their Soul.

And THAT is why I love prostate massage so much – it’s incredible being a passion midwife, a dick doula, a prostate mama!

How about you? Do you give, or receive, prostate massage? Any tips, techniques, suggestions, thoughts you’d like to share?


Mike j 2021-10-17 12:06:53

Very well explained and shows that you take great care of your patient/client. Just reading the article shows you have experience in putting the patient/client at ease before, during and after. Well written and as usual you put the process in such an erotic and intimate way. Thanks for sharing the experience.


Eric H 2021-10-19 16:49:17

Thank you for this. Two years removed from a divorce from a pretty vanilla marriage regarding things like this, I’ve begun trying to educate myself on the topic. I’ve bought a few toys (prostate wand, dildos) to explore on my own, but I definitely looking to take the next step to a prostate massage. I appreciate how engaging you are.


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