Let’s party!

I’m pleased to offer upscale adult lifestyle parties in the St. Louis area, hosted by me, Kendra Holliday, Creator of TBK (The Beautiful Kind).

November 2021 UPDATE: Parties have been on hold for the past year. Once we get past this pandemic, I’ll be open hosting parties again, but I can’t do that without community support and cooperation. Please see below for ways you can help make St. Louis sexy again!

This is an amazing opportunity! It is rare finding parties of this caliber anywhere in the country. The party is screened and people are really nice, sexy, and respectful.

You are able to do things on your own terms as long as you practice responsible hedonism – if you take care of your duties and obligations, you can have as much fun as you want, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HURT OTHERS. Respect boundaries! Be gracious and open to the extraordinary!

I’ve had a lot of people new to this type of thing contact me, nervous to attend. PLEASE give it a try. You are not obligated to do anything and can be there merely to observe! You will be among The Beautiful Kind!

If you contact me to inquire, your information will remain confidential. If you know anyone who might be interested in this type of thing, please have them drop me a line.

Ready to party!

Ready to Party!

So, what IS this “type of thing”? It’s swinger parties, alternative lifestyle parties, classy adult parties, sexy kinky theme parties. It’s pretty much anything we want it to be!

It’s a sex-positive opportunity to turn fantasies into reality. Have you ever seen a really hot scene in a movie and thought, “Wow, I’d like to do that!” Well, now is your chance!

The kinds of things that go down at TBK parties: girl piles, pussy parades, bisexuality, roleplay, exhibitionism, toys and demos, fetishes, voyeurism, threesomes, orgies, group sex, BDSM… Lifestyles for the rich and freaky – ha!

If you are interested in attending future TBK parties, know that these are not sponsored by Sex Positive St. Louis. They are exclusive. I will be screening attendees and there will be an admission fee to offset costs.

You don’t need to be thin, young and gorgeous in order to attend. We’re looking for sexy, great personalities, people who take care of themselves and respect others. Scroll down this page to read a testimonial from someone who has attended in the past. Scroll down more to read FAQs!

I maintain a confidential email list of possible attendees for future parties. If you would like to be considered, please contact me and provide the following information:

Who are you? (first names are fine)

Do I know you? (feel free to attach a pic!)

Do you live in the St Louis area?

Are you a couple or single?

Do you have any profiles in FetLife, Kasidie, swinger or sex sites? If so, please share.

If you are a single male, do you have any female friends who might be interested in attending a party with you?

If not, what can you bring to the table? Can you sponsor ($$) or host a party? I’m always looking for classy spaces that can hold 50-100 playful people!

Have you attended parties like this in the past?

Do you have any suggestions for venues? Themes?

What are your interests/turn ons?

What rules and guidelines would you like to see in place at these parties?

Here are more details:

Naked Valentine

Naked Valentine

The first big party was Sat, Feb 8Roses and Thorns theme.  30 couples/60 people. primarily couples, but a small amount of select singles, and of course poly families came! All genders and sexual orientations are welcome. We honor diversity. All activities must be consensual. 21 and up. Drink responsibly. No hard drugs. Practice safer sex – condoms and lube are always on hand. This event was AWESOME.

SAT April 19 in South City. Theme was Speakeasy!

SAT June 21 in North County. Theme was Hawaiian Luau!

SAT October 4 in North County. Theme was Halloween!

SAT April 4 in West County. Theme was Dress to Impress!

SAT July 11 2015 in West County. Theme was Beach! Bisexuality! BDSM! Bingo! – This one was the best one yet!!

SAT Jan 23 2016 in West County. Theme was Masquerade!

SAT March 5 2016 in West County. Theme was Gods and Goddesses!

SAT April 30 2016 in West County. Theme was Wild West!

SAT July 23 2016 in West County. Theme was PIRATES!

SAT Nov 12 2016 in Maplewood. Theme was Bad Hombres and Nasty Women!

SAT Dec 31 2016 in Maplewood. Theme was SPARKLE!

SAT March 10 2018 in North County. Theme was Playing Doctor!

SAT July 28 2018 in West County. Theme was Silver and Sepia!

SAT Oct 13 2018 in West County. Theme was Under the Sea!

FRI Oct 4 2019 in St Charles. Theme was Flash Play Party!

At the private parties, you will see sexy people engaging in erotic acts, but you are NOT obligated to play. Observing, being a sexy presence, playing with your partner, playing with friends, or playing with NEW friends are all welcome activities. Explore this new, refreshingly adult world on your own terms, and at your own pace. Take in the sights, get comfortable. Obtain consent before touching not with a mere yes but an Enthusiastic YES!

To Responsible Hedonism! (responsible hedonism: if you take care of your duties and obligations, you can have as much fun as you want, as long as you’re not hurting others!)

Kendra Holliday, The Beautiful Kind


A testimonial from a female friend!

“After my divorce from a very conservative man, I decided to fully explore my sexuality and that has led me on some great adventures, one of which is swinging. I dabbled with the idea in a former relationship, but when I met my current partner and he expressed a desire to really try it, I jumped in despite some negative body issues. We joined a website dedicated to helping swingers connect with one another and created a profile.

Wow, I had no idea there were so many swingers living right around me!

Once I started browsing through the profiles, I realized that swingers come in all shapes and sizes and all ages and races. Suddenly I didn’t feel so self aware, and realized that the swinging community seemed more like a group of open-minded people who like to hang out and if there’s a connection, more, but sex definitely didn’t seem to be as much as a focus as open-minded sexy people connecting socially.

My partner and I attended our first hotel party and ended up screwing a couple from Springfield with whom we had chemistry. It was exciting to watch my partner fucking a woman neither of us knew on the bed across from me while I rode her partner. It was sport fucking for lack of a better term, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with people just for the sake of playing.

We’ve learned that communication is all important in making sure we are on the same page and that we are respecting our boundaries and making sure others respect them as well. We’ve agreed that neither of us will “take one for the team” – either we’re both interested or we’re out. We’ve learned the hard way to avoid people who don’t respect our boundaries up front. Sometimes we end up just watching others while we play which is also hot. I enjoy not knowing who my partner will be; it revs up my sexual adrenaline.

If you’ve ever fantasized about swinging and either you or your partner are hesitant, I would encourage you to attend a party or an event. Just watch and go home and discuss your experience and feelings. No always means no and people can typically tell who’s down to get dirty and whose just observing.

I find swinging to be the right outlet for my desire for sexual variety as I identify as monogamish. I previously tried polyamory and found that having deeper relationships with more than one was too much for me emotionally. Swinging seems like the perfect in between fit for me.

Of course it’s not for everyone, but if you seek a little variety sexually, grab a condom (or a handful), and sign up for the next TBK play party. Even if you decide not to play, you get to watch live porn and it can be very gratifying!”

TBK Party FAQ!

Q: Do you allow single men?

A: Due to the high volume of single men contacting me, I allow only two single men to attend each party, at a sponsorship level of $200-500, depending on the venue.

Q: If our rule is that my wife and I can only touch each other and no one else and nobody touches us in any way, is that okay?

A: Yes.

Q: Are stages of “touch” allowed? What are typical rules/guidelines?

A: Yes. You get to enjoy the party on your own terms. People are open, honest, respectful. They may ask if you’d like to play, and you can politely let them know you’re not ready yet, and they will be gracious about it.

Q: Would my wife and I be allowed to go all out and fuck like rabbits at this party or are these “look only, get horny, and screw when you get home” type deals?

A: We encourage fucking like rabbits, either out in the open if you’re an exhibitionist, or in a more private space if you aren’t. As stated above, enjoy the party on your own terms!

Q: I read that people who attend your parties are screened. Screened for what?

A: The parties are exclusive with a guest list. They are private.

Q: Would you recommend your parties for (essentially) first-timers?

A: YES, and here’s why – I’ve heard a lot of swinger parties in St. Louis are held in seedy hotels and people get wasted and grope people. That doesn’t sound very sex-positive to me, so I decided to host my own parties – the kind I would like to attend. Sexy, classy, in nice places, with good, responsible, fun-loving people who respect others.

Q: What kind of people attend the parties?

A: Some of the people are swingers, but not everyone. We have a lot of discreet professionals, diverse, sex-positive, bisexual, kinky, polyamorous, friendly, classy, sexy people from all walks of life – teachers, lawyers, parents… people traveling from all over the Midwest. Some are lifestyle-experienced, but we see a lot of newbies at each party as well. Age range is 20’s – 60’s, with the average age being 40.

Q: We are an interracial couple/transgender person/cancer survivor/people who aren’t a straight white cisgender model couple. Would we fit in?

A: Yes! Diversity is welcome.

Q: Are photos/video allowed?

A: At the last party, some people took pics of themselves posing before the action started, but no photos or videos are allowed.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Some of the parties have themes, such as masquerade, Speakeasy, Halloween. If there’s not a theme, you should dress to impress – dress as if you are going on a first date or attending a wedding.

Q: How do you address STIs or pregnancy prevention?

A: That is a personal choice for each individual. Safer sex is smart, so we encourage knowing your sexual health status, getting tested as needed, and having open communication with potential play partners. We provide condoms and lube. You should put condoms on toys and change condoms between partners.

Q: How many people typically attend? Is it 50/50 male to female?

A: We usually have 40-100 people. It’s pretty evenly balanced, mostly couples, though we do have a handful of single women attend, and I allow two single men to attend if they are willing to help sponsor the event ($$).

Q: What about alcohol/drugs?

A: We allow booze. No hard drugs. No smoking indoors.

Q: Where are the parties held?

A: The venue changes, and tends to be within one hour of St. Louis.

Q: How long does a party last?

A: They start at 7pm. The first couple hours are like a normal party, with people socializing and acclimating. Around 9pm we kick things off with a sexy icebreaker of some sort. Things usually go until 2am.

Q: Are there ever security issues? Fights, arguments, how often do the police/EMS show up?

A: The parties have a really positive vibe, good energy. My partner Matthew is large and in charge! We have volunteers on hand to ensure guests are doing all right. One time, we had a misunderstanding between a drunk couple at 2am, but it was handled. We’ve never had any injuries. We have several people in law enforcement attend the parties. Did you know the most common professions among swingers are cops and teachers?

Q: What kind of fees are involved?

A: Guests contribute $ toward the party based on the venue and details. It tends to be upscale.

Q: When is the next party?!?!

A: I’d love to have one every season, but if we can get in two a year, that’s a good thing. The hardest is part is finding the venue. Stay tuned!

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