My Vulva Cast

By Kendra Holliday | March 13, 2021

Kendra Holliday, 2021

First of all, if it weren’t for the pandemic, this would’ve been a public event! I asked my friend Andy if he’d do a demo in the future, and he said YES!

So stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, read and see LOTS OF PICS showing how one goes about capturing a gorgeous 3D likeness of their genitals!

It all started with me posting on twitter:

Can anyone recommend a good vulva casting kit? Any tips? I don’t want it looking super raggedy and rotty. I can’t believe I’m almost 50 years old and have never had my vulva immortalized in this way, when it has brought me such pleasure and $power$. I’ve been looking up options and think it’s so funny some are called “Adult Vagina Molds” – I definitely DO NOT want a replica of “the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and most female mammals.”

My friend Andy from Shameless Grounds sent me a message:

If you’d like tips/instruction/help with doing a vulva casting, I have a fair bit of practice with casting, and I have the equipment to do a pretty high quality amateur casting (vacuum chamber to remove bubbles from the casting agent, mold release, etc.). I haven’t done a vulva casting before, but I have a pretty good idea of how to go about it to get a nice casting done..

If it comes out nicely, I will bask in the glow of having immortalized a powerful bit of feminine energy.

Isn’t that sweet?! You’ll be interested to know that Andy is quite the crafty, kinky handyman. He builds floggers, human cages, crosses – he even helps friends safely hang their sex swings!

He explained the process to me:

If you’re comfortable, Covid-wise, being in the same room with me for about an hour wearing masks, and being within 6 feet for about 15 minutes, we can do it.

For a single plaster cast, we’ll use dental grade alginate (made of brown algae – anyone who has played with nuru gel knows how great and safe algae products can be!).

You’ll want a relatively smooth and hairless vulva on the casting day. Pubic hair up higher is fine, as long as it’s not in the “casting zone”. Hair doesn’t “cast”; it gets embedded into the casting medium, and would likely get pulled out when the cast is removed. It also messes up the casting impression.

Shave your vulva 2-3 days ahead to give your skin a chance to recover from any shaving irritation before we slather goop on it.

Rub some coconut oil or similar vulva-safe oil on just prior to casting. It will protect your skin and make the casting come off super easy.

And just so you know what to expect for the actual casting, we’ll have you lift your hips and lower back up on a pillow. You’ll be stuck like that for about 10-15 minutes for an alginate casting.

We’ll mix the alginate with some warm water. I just “glop” that mixture on to your vulva, making sure we don’t have any bubbles in it, and making sure we cover everything about 1/2″ thick in the glop. While it’s still gloppy, I’ll pat some loose cotton fiber on top of it, and then put a layer of plaster bandages over the top of that. The cotton fiber binds the delicate alginate to the sturdy plaster – making the whole thing hold together better than just alginate alone. Then everything sets up for about 5 or 6 minutes, and it’s ready to remove. It takes about 15 minutes from mixing to cleanup.

I’ll take the fresh mold home with me, and make a casting from it. The casting can be either plaster or resin, and it needs to dry overnight. The next day we see how it came out, and do any little touchups that might be needed. And that’s it. You’re casting should be complete and ready to give to you a few days from when we met.

I’ll bring everything needed. I just need access to warm tap water, and a comfy place where you can lie back and elevate your hips for a few minutes. We’ll put a plastic trash bag under you to catch any drips or spills, but other than that, it’s not too messy.

Once the alginate gets mixed, it sets up fast, and I need to get it on you within 3 or 4 minutes. Once I start, my hands will be full of glop.

First, he practiced on a plaster vulva that was already on display in the shop (there are several you can see, made by a local artist). Wouldn’t it make a marvelous night light?

Sample vulva made of resin

Then he practiced on a real woman – his wife. Just think – when I first posted about this, Andy had never done a vulva cast – now look at him – he’s on a roll!

The morning of our vulva casting, I took a walk, and noticed how ALIVE my pussy felt – I was all tingling and turned on! Clearly, I was eager to indulge my exhibitionist side with a trusted friend.

Andy arrived, brandishing a drill. I joked, “Nooo, I don’t want THAT kind of session!”

Andy the Vulva Wrangler

As he set up his work station. I put on some Vivaldi, which is good music to accompany vulva art, don’t you think?

Andy hummed along to the music as he mixed materials and put down spill guards.

Materials needed for vulva cast project

Finally, it was time for me to hop up on the table. I was positively giddy!

Kendra Holliday, getting ready for her closeup!

We propped my hips up on pillows for a better angle. I felt like I was at the gynecologist!

Pussy propped up

I rubbed coconut oil on my vulva. Don’t you looove how my pubic hair looks like a willow tree? So natural and lovely.

Prepping the vulva

The process was extremely relaxing and gentle. Andy made sure to use warm water, and the alginate was totally odor free and didn’t cause any irritation. He only gooped it on the outside of my body – none of it went inside. It looked like oatmeal. He used a U-shaped foam pool noodle to keep the glop from running all over the place.

Andy making it happen

If you’ve ever seen Andy make a sandwich or build a bookcase, this is how he looks – focused and skilled. He was SO professional and considerate. πŸ™‚

Prep work

You can see some of the alginate peeking out from under the cotton:


Doesn’t it look like I’m giving birth to Santa Claus?

Ho, ho, ho

While we waited a few minutes for things to set, we caught up on our work and personal lives. I told him that since I haven’t been able to work properly this past year, I wasn’t able to share my pussy and female energy with others as much as I usually do (my pussy is quite the social butterfly πŸ˜‰ ), so this project filled an emotional void for me.

Waiting patiently

Now it looks like I’m a wounded soldier – my pussy is closed for business! πŸ™ Ha ha, not for long. πŸ˜‰

Closed for business

After a few minutes, he slowly removed the whole shebang – he was very careful and it didn’t hurt at all.


The first cast took less than ten minutes. He asked if I wanted to make another one for backup, and I said sure! But take a look at the two – don’t they look like completely different vulvas?

Two casts of the same vulva

The one on the right is the first model. I think my pussy started out engorged, and by the time we got to the other one, it deflated a bit! I was fascinated to see this wiki article about clitoral erection. My pussy is a model pussy!

Of course I asked him if I could get a plaster version as well as a resin version. For the plaster one, I just wanted basic, but for the resin version, I had a special request. I love how the sample vulva was heart-shaped, but I wanted mine to be shaped like a fairy door. Not only is the yoni the most sacred doorway ever, but the symbolism tied into a matriarchal family joke. When my mom was a little girl, she asked her mom where babies come from. Her mom coyly told her, “A little door opens…”

Well, Andy went way above my wildest hopes and dreams for a beautiful representation!

Here is the plaster version:

Plaster cast vulva of Kendra Holliday

And here I am, picking up my fairytale art at Shameless Grounds! (right next to me is the heart-shaped sample vulva on display at the shop.)

Kendra with new art at Shameless Grounds

Here is the enchanted entrance! What’s behind the door? Something VERY magical!

Fairy door

Ta da!

My immortal vulva

Now, my pussy is immortal! I am officially a Goddess! Here is an idol you can worship! Talk about an act of self-love!

I had no idea how much JOY and LIFE this project would give me. It all started with a glimmer in my brain, and turned into so much gorgeous art and connection. Thank you Andy, for making yet another one of my dreams come true!

Thank you!


Tim 2021-03-13 10:23:39

This is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing this whole journey… Andy looks like a bad ass with that drill! RESPECT!


    Double titfuck 2021-08-31 10:06:35

    Super bad ass the drill!!


John Mefford 2021-03-13 11:14:34

This was amazing. Thank you for sharing.


mark and kat 2021-03-16 08:29:38

Oh, thank God!
When I saw the title “My Vulva Cast” – I thought you had fractured it. πŸ™‚


Mike J 2021-03-22 22:21:17

Enjoyed the article. Well written and professionally put together. I can see why you are so popular and so well liked.


Hector 2021-03-24 04:42:16

Do you post on Reddit? Have you ever considered opening a thread on r/casualama?


    Kendra Holliday 2021-03-24 07:43:26

    I know Reddit, but I’ve never posted on there. I would up for an ama, but I’m already such an open book!


      Hector 2021-03-26 17:38:00

      I’m pretty sure that an AMA titled, ‘I’m a sex surrogate’ would get a lot of attention.


Steve 2021-03-25 18:59:51

Kendra, great read . I remember seeing a documentry a while back about music band groupies from the 70s , one of them nicnamed the PlasterCaster . She would have famous people send her casts of their penises , she had 100s of them . Said Jimi Hendrix was very well hung and poor Peter Frampton was not so lucky. I have seen the cast kits for men in the sex toy stores , somehow i dont think they would be of great quality like what you did…besides im pretty sure it would be quite difficult for me to stay erect for the time it takes to set.


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