Liberator Wedge

Liberator is a line of innovative sex furniture shapes and gear that protects your furniture. Out of all the options, I was most interested in the Liberator Wedge and Fascinator Throe for these reasons:

  1. A friend of mine swore by the Wedge for oral and intercourse. At a 27 degree incline, it puts the pussy on the perfect serving platter and allows easy access deep penetration for several positions. It makes sex easier for all parties involved. It even comes with a carrying case with handle for easy portability.
  2. I have a serious hangup when it comes to making a mess on the bed. This inhibits my ability to ejaculate, which puts a damper on things. We’ve tried using towels and an old baby crib liner decorated with pastel pink and yellow giraffes (NOT SEXY) but I was still holding back. I was eager to find a solution to this problem and Throe caution to the wind.

I’m happy to report that I can gush freely about both these products, and highly recommend adding them to your sexy arsenal.

Both came in sexy black velvet, which means we couldn’t use them at my house due to my light-haired cats, so we set up shop at his house. We showered together, I emptied my bladder, then we retired to the bedroom, where the Throe was laid out over the Wedge. The Throe covers a lot of real estate, measuring 60″ x 54″ – one side is velvety, while the other side is satin.

I positioned myself on the Wedge – it made for a nice presentation. He ate my pussy with ease – no crick in the neck or getting buried in blankets. The Wedge is firm foam, so it holds up much better than a pillow folded in half. It stays put, too, so you don’t have to interrupt and rearrange.

After bringing me to orgasm twice, he loomed up and entered me with equal ease. The Wedge is so nice for being easy on the body – it’s great for people with limited movement. The angle offers incredible deep penetration and g-spot access. We got so crazy I ended up bleeding, which happens sometimes when I’m with him – I must be overdosing on his mojo (his dick is cocaine?)

After his dramatic climax, he finger banged me, which primed the pump. Here’s where I would normally shut things down for fear of making a mess. Instead, I flipped the Wedge around (I like being propped up) and took over rubbing my g-spot. Thanks to the Throe, my mental block was removed and I gushed all over that fabulous thing. And here you thought wet blankets ruined a good time!

We admired our cum/blood/ejaculate/lube design – it looked so much more artistic on this canvas than on the bed – then folded up the Throe and tossed it in the wash. So easy! It doesn’t crinkle or feel stiff, either.. It washed beautifully and is ready to soak up more stains! The sexy prop only enhances the experience

My partner is thrilled we’ve found a way for me to loosen up even more in the bedroom – it really DOES feel liberating. I’ve known a few gusher gal pals who would really benefit from the Throe – one of them had an easy chair in the living room that was pretty much waterlogged.

These high quality products can be used again and again and again – we’ve already made sure of that. Believe me, they can take a beating.

Liberator Throe

Liberator Throe


St 2014-06-25 13:29:35

I’ve been wanting one of those throes for a while 🙂


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