Labiaplasty: When Douchebags Attack!

By Matthew | February 13, 2014

A post by Matthew…

Have you seen The Perfect Vagina, a documentary on vaginal plastic surgery, directed by Heather Leach?

As I watched, there were a number of thoughts that came to mind:

1. Oh For Fuck’s Sake!!! The douchebags have done it again. It is absolutely atrocious that there are young women who are being told they not only need to change their tits with cosmetic surgery, but also their pussies!


Douchebaggery at its worst, Ladies and Gentlemen.

2. I have never seen a healthy and well taken care of vulva that I thought was unsightly or needed surgical adjustment, especially in person. Sometimes I want to kill it. Sometimes I want to worship it. ALL of the time, I love it. I can honestly say that by the time I am close enough to get a good look at a pussy, I am there to interact with it on some level, and as long as it is healthy, it is lovely to me.

The pussy is a gateway to a world of pleasure and pleasure for the world.

We need to embrace it, not change it.

3. I can understand the desire and even the necessity for cosmetic surgery under circumstances of health risk or physical deformation. In particular, parts visible on the physical outline of a clothed female and exposed skin.

4. Is this yet another negative side effect of the mainstream porn industry? Guy have to have big dicks, fuck at weird angles and say shit like; “Oooh she likes that, doesn’t she?!?” Women need to have fake tits and bald, fake pussies?

So, how can these issues be alleviated? The first step, edification. Young women and men (and let’s face it, children) need to hear that their natural genitalia is not only sufficient, but makes them unique.

It is their sexual fingerprint, something of which they should be proud.

Young females need to understand that they can choose who they allow to see their vulva as well as place something inside their vagina.

Now, this is one fucking hell of a task to achieve given the fact that schools, churches and lots of parents are lacking in valuable sex education practices, let alone the teaching of self worth and confidence in oneself. That leaves other outlets, the main one being Cyberbia.

People need to write about the ridiculousness of this type of surgery for shallow, unwarranted and illogical reasons. At the very least, people can spread the word about documentaries such as “The Perfect Vagina” and artistic concepts like “Design a Vagina” by James McCartney.

James McCartney’s work.

Here is a picture of part of his sculpture that will eventually contain 100 plaster casts of vulvas demonstrating the wide variety of styles.


Joe Anonymous 2011-11-30 11:57:36

I agree that people will have their best life experience when they love and appreciate their own bodies the way that they are. Believe it or not, someone can feel wonderful about their body and still desire to modify it. Creating a work of art doesn’t mean a lump of clay isn’t resplendent. It is to me.

The documentary ignores that many people love a big labia–so much so that many women actually stretch theirs out using weights. Women get tattoos, body piercings, and all kinds of body modifications as a part of their own expression. But, no one gets a tattoo or a piercing *just* so they can look at it in the mirror. No body modification happens in a vacuum. We want to show off.

Again, I love the message about loving our private bits the way they are, but it does too good of a job persuading women to feel guilty about the decisions they’ve made or would like to make about their own bodies. Now, a woman can feel ashamed for wanting to change her body and alienation from men who, apparently, *only* like little pussies. As if mere inadequacy wasn’t enough. 😀


Sex Fairy 2012-02-08 15:09:05

I’m having this surgery in a couple of weeks. I’m going to write about it on my blog. I agree that women shouldn’t feel ashamed of our bodies, but I also think that I shouldn’t be made to feel bad for not liking my body the way it is. People have nose jobs because they don’t like the way their noses look. I don’t see a big ‘nose job backlash’ going on. My labia are large. I have always disliked them. They get in the way. I’m doing something about it and it feels good. :heart:


Dan 2014-02-14 06:51:47

What to do, think, be?

I am a man who loves (really loves) labia that fills his mouth at RCG time. My favorite love act. A man who loves to be outdoors naked and drop off some more shame once or twice a week; a man who loves to be at poolside naked with friends even. To drop off more shame.

If I were King, I would make it law that one full week a year all would have to be naked for seven days. Watch the movie Nude Bomb to get some ideas how we could make this happen. You’ll see that the result of such a rule would be: World Peace. And more acceptance for all variety of labia and labia lovers everywhere.

That is all.


rheretic 2014-02-15 18:58:58

I think there’s a significant different between body modifications such as piercings or tattoos and surgically altering one’s appearance. I have tattoos and I’ve had numerous piercings, including several genital ones. This is about adornment and, in some cases, enhancing sexual arousal. This is not because I don’t like the way my labia or my clitoral hood looked. It’s not because I felt like I didn’t measure up to some arbitrary societal ideal. To me, the term “body modification” just doesn’t really clearly state what it is in that case. It’s more body ornamentation.

Something that I consider concerning is that so much cosmetic surgery is badly done, whether its boobs or noses or face lifts. Really, a surprising amount. But we’ve become so accustomed to badly done surgical procedures that they’ve become the norm in some ways. There are enough bad boob jobs, I just hate to see what the bad labia jobs are going to look like.


FeelTheYarn 2022-08-14 23:03:44

I will eat it no matter how low the lips hang. Ladies, men just want to show you some love, we don’t usually care about the finer details. I cannot imagine any reasonable man turning up the chance to be with an otherwise flawless woman because she has some big old lips.

“All the better to kiss you with, my deary” said the wolf (in silicon clothing)


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