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By Kendra Holliday | August 17, 2022

I LOOOVE podcasts. Do you listen to any? I hear that only 1 in 5 people do. They’re SUCH a wealth of information, community and connection.

Below are podcasts I’ve been featured on – the most recent is at the top.

Aug 16, 2022: Luvbites by Dr Tara: #47 The Truth About Sex Surrogate with Kendra Holliday

May 26, 2021: DriveThru HR: Exploring Intimacy, Sex and Work with Kendra Holliday

October 25, 2019: Experience 50: I Apologize with Kendra Holliday

January 14, 2019: About Sex with Angela Skurtu: Sex Positive St Louis with David and Kendra

July 8, 2018: Ethical Society of St. Louis: When You Wish Upon a Star: What We All Truly Desire

August 20, 2017: About Sex with Angela Skurtu: Thorn and her Mother Kendra Holliday – Asexuality, Raising a Child to be Sex Positive – A Teen’s Perspective

August 2, 2017: Family Affairs: Sex-Positive Parenting, featuring Sex Worker Kendra Holliday and her 16 year old daughter!

July 23, 2017: About Sex with Angela Skurtu: Sex Surrogate Kendra Holliday and her partner Matthew discuss Polyamory, Masculinity, and anything Kinky

July 16, 2017: About Sex with Sex Therapist Angela Skurtu: Sex Surrogacy with Kendra Holliday and her partner Matthew

April 25, 2017: 057: BDSM: Shame, Humiliation, & Funnel Cakes

I had so much fun discussing creative sex play and humiliation with host Ben Robbins.

This one followed up an interview we did a month earlier.

March 25, 2017: 054: Escorting, Specialty Fetish and Non-Traditional Sex Therapy

Ah yes, good times!

January 6, 2017: Euphoric Epiphany, Hosted by Victoria

Strangers podcast was by far the most popular one, where I talk about Sex Surrogacy.

April, 2016: Sexistential (this was one of the best interviews and it’s no longer freely available; you have to be a Patreon member.)

Host Lea Thau visited me at my home. It was a nice change having a microphone stuck in my face instead of a penis, LOL!

March 28, 2011: Interview with Sex is Fun, all about my painful coming out process as a sex-positive activist.

October, 2010. Another interview about my coming out, this time with Life on the Swingset, right as it was happening.

October, 2010. This one is all about anal! with Life on the Swingset. I love how Cooper Beckett was celebrating pegging back before it was all the rage!

Those are all the ones I remember. I’ll keep this post updated with any new interviews. I’d love to have my own podcast, but I know how much time and energy it takes.

What are your favorite sex or human interest podcasts? Are there any you’d like to see me featured on?

I like Guys We Fucked, RISK!, Savage Lovecast, The Intimate Lifestyle, HiPPiE WiTCH, and Death, Sex and Money. One I just learned about is The Manwhore Podcast – he recently conducted an interview with an erotic massage sex worker as he received a happy ending! Another one new to me is The Mental Illness Happy Hour – the host often covers sexual shame and secret fantasies. It gets pretty deep. Check out the survey section on his website!


Rosie 2017-06-03 21:07:42


I am so happy to have just discovered you and your site after learning about you on the strangers podcast. I’m also a huge fan of podcasts, mental illness happy hour is one I recommend as well. If you haven’t yet spoken to the host, Paul, I’m sure he would love to have you on, and it would probably be great exposure for both of you. Anyways, the reason I really wanted to comment was just to let you know that I think what you are doing is too amazing for words, groundbreaking honestly. I also started in escort work when I really just needed the money. I knew absolutely nothing about it and basically jumped in with both feet which now looking back on it, I can’t believe some of the risks I took and situations I put myself in just being inexperienced, naive, and broke. But I learned so much and found so many things I would have never expected. Every preconceived idea of sex work, sex workers, its consumers and even men in general was turned upside down and inside out. I’m sure you have some idea of what I mean. And I found that I LOVED it! I was smart enough thank god that from the very beginning I established firm professional boundaries, like you and Lea discussed. And sometimes I DID enjoy the sex. But that’s where I had a hard time drawing the line, because I mistakenly believed that to enjoy the physical aspect was somehow shameful, and that showing it too much was giving up my power or my control over the situation with ny client, leaving me vulnerable to be taken advantage of. But I just knew, I could feel it, that this was about more than sex for most of these men, even if they didn’t realize it themselves. I loved that I could have a positive impact in so many different ways depending on the client. I could see that there was something really valuable and therapeutic in what I was doing, and I wanted to expand that aspect of it, I just couldn’t quite articulate it or figure out how to create that niche for myself, as you have done. Unfortunately before I could put too much thought into it, the feds hacked my online accounts and a week later, my biggest advertising tool,ifeline basically, was shut down and a lawsuit against its operators was underway. I decided to move on, but have never fully recovered since then. I so miss the work I was doing and all of my clients, and recently have been considering starting again with a more realized, professional business that focuses more on the therapeutic benefits instead of just “escorting”. I am so so glad I heard your interview with Lea, you have put in clear concise terms what I had been trying to figure out and the direction in which I had hoped to take my work, before it all disintegrated in front of me. So sorry for the long and rambling comment but you just don’t even know! You are inspiring and have given me the understanding of what is I want, and lit the fire under my ass to finally do it! I hope that I can eventually talk with you as I am preparing to get back to work. If you or anybody out there has other resources to point me towards, I’m all ears, as this time around I hope to venture into this with as much knowledge and information as possible, so that I can not only stay safe and be successful, but to truly be an understanding and beneficial service provider to the new clients i meet. Thank you again for the work that you do Kendra! With all this sex poitivity and activism, maybe in our lifetime we can be truly “out” without the built in prejudices or constant threat of interference by law enforcement. I’ll never understand why a business transaction between two consenting adults, both of whom walk away happy and better off, is illegal… While perps of crimes that leave behind traumatized victims are out there offending again and again. Sorry, rant over. Much love and well wishes to you Kendra


    Kendra Holliday 2017-06-06 16:11:46

    Thank you so much Rosie! It’s always good to hear from other sex workers. I just hosted a whore hangout last night; we had about a dozen people and it was very therapeutic. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with roadblocks. We know we are doing the right thing and helping people.


Erika 2018-10-09 05:31:12

I’ve listened to quite a few of the podcasts you were featured on. You’re Famous! By the way, I have an award winning podcast myself. My podcast discusses sex work from an Urban point of view.


    Kendra Holliday 2018-10-09 09:28:19

    You are a mentor and a shero to me! You cover some very edgy topics! You speak real truth!


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