Jimbo Explains His Transformation Fetish

By Kendra Holliday | May 17, 2011

My friend Jimbo has an unusual fetish, and he’s hoping to meet other like-minded people in the St. Louis area. Does transformation turn you on? Let’s let him explain…

What is transformation fetish all about?

Basically, I am aroused by seeing something physically transform from one thing to another. Seeing as that’s somewhat of an impossibility, there is a lot of roleplay involved.

When did you notice this fetish kicking in? Do you remember a trigger moment?

I remember I was very young, 7 or 8 I believe. I was lying under the coffee table watching our big console TV. We (my family) were watching American Werewolf in London, It had just gotten to the big scene where he starts to slowly transform into a werewolf.

I remember a tingling in my stomach and I started to sweat. Then I got really excited! At that age, I had no idea what it meant! As time went on and I saw different transformation scenes in other werewolf movies and various cartoons, I started to figure it out.

What do you think of the Harry Potter movies? Do you wish you had a magic wand?

I love the Harry Potter movies! There are a few really decent Transformation scenes in that series of movies. The best being whenever they use the polyjuice potion. Do I wish I had a magic wand? If it transformed people, I think the power would be too much for me. The thought of being able to transform anyone at will would be very, very hard for me to resist.

What do you think of gender bending?

I think It’s fascinating! It’s the closest my fetish can get to reality (at the moment anyway) Especially if I can see the process over time. I got to experience this myself at a recent local gathering when a bunch of girls ganged up on me and transformed me into a Barbie doll.

I never really think about transforming myself, as I like to see someone else undergo the transformation, but being forcefully restrained and slowly transformed like that was extremely satisfying.

I think my Goddess knew this when she planned it months before hand. I have to admit the thought of taking hormones and physically transforming my body really excites me. I don’t think I would ever get a full sex change or anything but the thought of being something in between locked in an eternal process is extremely exciting to me.

HA! And here I thought you were being tortured! How did you meet your wife?

I was in the middle of a divorce I didn’t want, I was extremely sad and I felt lost. A friend at work asked me to join him for some karaoke after work. Usually I don’t like to go out on work nights, but I wanted to be anywhere but home where I knew I wasn’t wanted. So I went, and it turns out my friend wasn’t there. So I sat at a table alone and sang one song,

Just as I was thinking about leaving, a guy sitting with a group at a table across the room asked me, “Are you here by yourself?” I said yes and he asked me to join his group. I walked over and introduced myself and they made sure to introduce me to this beautiful woman named Steph who was also asked to go out and be with her friends to get her out of the house.

Steph had just gotten over her divorce as well. We really hit it off and had an awesome time together. It was the first time I felt happy since the divorce started. The night ended and we went our separate ways (cue Journey song!).

Blissfully unaware I walked to my car when I heard Steph say “Hey! You want my number right?!”

I slapped my forehead and said “OH YEAH!”

Then she says “Give me your number in case you forget to call me.”

She didn’t give me a chance to forget.

She called me the next day and said “I don’t like to play games and I like to take what I want, so do you want to go on a date with me Friday?” The rest is history! (very entertaining history)

So how exactly does it work in the bedroom?

Well, I’ll tell Steph that I want her to be my doll, she will then slowly act out he transformation. She will slowly (the more gradual the better) start to freeze and she acts confused and afraid and unaware of whats happening to her. She will then describe to me what’s happening to her in great detail. Her skin hardening, her lips get harder to move etc.

The transformation is not limited to a doll either, it could be anything I’ve transformed her into a dog, cat, pig, horse, cow, statue or even age regression or progression. It’s all about the process of the transformation (or TF for short) not the end result. She was explaining it to some friends and said she could even turn into a table and I would like it, which made them think I want to fuck tables.

Unfortunately for me, it is a true fetish, meaning I have trouble cumming without it. which means I can go and go until Steph uses the fetish in some way, and if i’m in full swing I cum almost immediately if she uses the fetish. (Read Steffadoll’s perspective here)

I’m so fortunate to have an understanding partner – I was honestly scared to tell her about it when we met because my ex hated it and I thought I was weird.

Was your ex vanilla? It’s so nice being accepted for who you are!

Yes, she was extremely Christian and hated my fetish, not because it was “immoral,” but because she felt that I wasn’t happy with her and I wanted her to be someone else. She humored me at first, but as time when on my fetish had to stay in my head or I had to bargain for it (do some kind of chore for her). This went on for 10 years until she found someone else on an online game and decided she wanted a divorce.

Do you know anyone else with a transformation fetish? Are there online communities? Can you recommend any resources online?

I don’t know anyone personally with this fetish but there are numerous online communities for people with this fetish. The main one being The Process Forum.

That forum consists of artists and other like minded transformation fans and is broken into various categories such as Age Progression and regression, Breast Expansion, Body Expansion, Growth, Shrinking, Transformation, Transgender, and even “Everything else” for the those kinds of TF (abbreviation for transformation) that you just can’t explain. If anything even remotely TF related happens in any kind of media, these people will know about it and bring it to light.


guestan 2017-01-15 22:57:45

I have a very deeply ingrained TF fetish… for me it began with noticing that I would feel flustered and uncomfortable during transformation scenes in movies…uncomfortable for having people around me, like the feeling when you are old enough that they don’t try to hide it from you, but still young enough for it to be awkward having your parents in the room when a sex scene comes on cable. They felt sexual, even as I was a child. Disney had plenty of them…in particular, the little mermaid sprouting fins, Pinocchio turning into a donkey, or Flewdr Flam being changed into a frog. Willow with the army cursed into pigs, witches into birds, werewolves, vampires into bats, etc etc. There were a few films with male to female transformations…which never had enough detail for my satisfaction…the hint of a bulge shrinking in the crotch, breasts quickly inflating beneath a shirt….and stupidly, manicured nails, and saloned hair quickly sprouting. Those thrilled me most of all, and I searched for scenes that were more revealing, more drawn out, more realistic. Inevitably, I found my imagination held more detail, and imagining autogynephilia became a masturbatory fantasy that was used with increasing frequency. I was faced with the question of whether I wasn’t transgender, or even homosexual… however the truth was simply that the transformation itself held the erotic essence. The fantasies combined humiliation, with complete domination…domination that surpassed any amount of bondage or coercion or even rape…this domination ruled the very substance of your being and forced it to change your form into something weaker and submissive, and yet also more alluring and sexual (which is an artifact of possessing a male perspective–if I were born female, the thought of being female would not hold any weird intrigue). I did not desire men, but I did desire the foreign experience of sex through the female body…which seems more erogenous and sensitive and capable of extended pleasure than my wham bam one orgasm (maybe two on the rare occasion) male body. The reality of my desire was that I wished to experience transformation over and over again. Drawn out and painfully pleasurable, or even a mind swap, eventually I came to accept that my transmogriphilia (as I term it) was probably never going to completely subside. I may have fun with a partner that also enjoys the role play of swapping genders (i had a gf that I got the feeling was secretly fantastizing about being male while having sex with me, when i suggested that we role play it out, she was thrilled…although afterwards I was almost embarrassed by how excited we both were at pretend being opposite sexes, I was still young and timid at the unconventional fetish, not sure if my identity could handle openly embracing my odd transgender tendencies). I do exhibit an effeminate personality…or perhaps would be better described as androgynous…i’m thin and artsy, sensitive and not at all the jock or frat boy or sportsbar or lumberjack kind of guy. However, I rather disdain sissy fetishes. I have a large phallus, and its not for shame of my member that I would want a gender reversal…which I don’t even want…unless it were achieved with the experience of live transformation. The feeling of shrinking, changing, being trapped, swelling, bones shifting…against my will, with sexual acts most depraved forced upon me afterwards. Even when I’m at my most effeminate, I do not make any effort to exaggerate characteristics such as a soft voice or fay sort of movements. Perhaps being naturally low on testosterone, my cheeks never grew a beard, my back and chest are hair free, and try or no, i often get mistaken for a “ma’am” on the telephone. I am male, and I am for the most part straight, I don’t feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body… i simply get excited at the thought of being a man trapped in a woman’s body.


    Kendra Holliday 2017-01-16 08:26:36

    Ahh, gender blending. A very nice summary of your situation. Thank you for sharing and I hope you are able to realize all of your inner desires that you wish to make a reality.


    RubyDoll 2017-09-04 09:12:48

    Hey there!
    My name is Ruby, and this article was about me (pre transition). I had very similar experiences with transformation in the media growing up and it seems like we have a lot of similar thoughts. I did eventually discover that I was a woman trapped in a mans body so I decided to transition into female, I was never aroused by my own transformation nor do I think it is personally related to my fetish. I was always a bigger fan of transforming other people (like my partners). It wasn’t arousal that I experienced with my own transformation but a feeling of being more complete and content with who I am. If you ever want to talk shop about TF stuff please shoot me an email.


David hutton 2022-09-15 20:04:13

Well I don’t know who will read this but if anyone does I just want some advise. My fantasy started with the sorceress of grey skull and involved other toons from the 80s but not anthropomorphic animals like buggy bunny though I did like watching them. I had a daydream that was inspired by terminator and vampires like the brides of dracula. Any way something happen while I was daydreaming. It was like the dream was warping reality and the cyborg vampire girls grew and I shrunk. But now it mostly what they do to tiny me. I was wondering could all this be a transformation fetish . Most of my giantess fetish has to do with endosomatophilia. I’ll explain more if you wish but please tell me what you think


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