“I Have A Dream…”

By Kendra Holliday | October 12, 2012

Hint: Don’t wear delicate lingerie around two big men.

“If all men were like Matthew, the world would be a happier & far more satisfied place.” – MinxGrrl

Matthew called me Friday morning.

“Hello!” I answered.

“Just listen.” he said. “I just woke up from a dream.Β  We were at this swinger party, and you were making out with a woman.Β  This guy I kind of knew came over, took you by the arm and started making out with you. He happened to be black.” He went into more weird dream details, which I listened to with great interest.

When he was finished, I commended him. “That sounds like an awesome dream all right!”

“Do you want to make it come true?” he asked.



“Really?!” We were planning a quiet evening at home. This was not what I had in mind at all. I told him, “Let me think about it.”

I hung up the phone, took about five minutes to shift mental gears, then called him back. “OK I’m game. Now how do we make it happen?”

He said, “I got you covered, Darlin’. Let me make a call.”

Thirty minutes later, he let me know we were good to go. His friend Samuel was happy to assist us in making our dream come true. I had met Samuel a few times before – he was a great guy, very sexy, dark, solid.

I was fired up! I sent them the pic above with the caption: “This is what I want you to rip off me tonight.”

Later that evening, we were having cocktails together. Samuel was SO nervous and excited! I was excited! The energy felt so right!


I was wearing the lingerie and Matthew left the room. To my surprise, Samuel set his drink down and walked up to me and ripped it off of me like it was tissue paper. I laughed in surprise. It was hot, but I didn’t want Matthew to miss out.

He came back into the room and saw me standing there wearing nothing but my thigh-hi stockings, my camisole on the floor in shreds.

We went to the bedroom where candles were lit. The sheets were dark chocolate brown, the same color as Samuel’s skin.

I had a threesome in my mind – I was really excited to be sandwiched between 550 lbs of MAN. The evening didn’t quite turn out that way, however. It was a different kind of MFM awesome.

Samuel and I instantly clicked – there was great energy there. We started kissing and he stripped and got his dick out – he was so rarin’ to go! I sank to my knees and sucked his cock, then he pulled me up and threw me on the bed so he could eat my pussy.

I love contrast.

He wanted to be inside me, so Matthew tossed over a condom and he put it on. He was the condom king! It was awesome to be with someone comfortable wearing them. We fucked in all kinds of positions, and it was incredible. He has a curve in his dick, so it hit different spots inside me. He was also big on eye contact – he kept gazing at me, which made it easy to slip into our own little world.

I noticed Matthew wasn’t joining in, but figured he’d do so when he was ready. I know how hot it is to watch him with another woman, so I could see why he’d want to check it out from a different perspective, too.

I came a few times and Samuel came. He pulled out and lounged on the bed in a state of bliss. He had a huge smile on his face; his teeth were gleaming white. Matthew came over and popped his dick in my mouth. I sucked, but it didn’t get hard. That was odd! But not a big deal.

It turns out that Matthew had an unexpected reaction to the evening. Every time he got in close and touched me, his erection flagged, but whenever he stepped back, his cock got hard again. He didn’t think it was due to intimidation or discomfort, so he decided it was a sign he should do more observing and less interaction.

He LOVED watching me get pleasured by his friend. He loved sharing me with his friend. Samuel was ready for Round Two, so we sparked again. The whole thing was so damn sexy!! It was truly amazing looking up at him looming over me like this big, black mountain of muscle. It was like fucking the night, so exotic and different.

Matthew loved hearing me make the same lusty sounds I made when I was with him. When finished the second time, he came up to me and jerked off in my upturned mouth.

Afterward we hung out and basked in the afterglow. Samuel high fived Matthew, saying, “I always feel closer with a brother I share a woman with.”

He couldn’t thank us enough. “There’s just something so awesome about new pussy!” he exclaimed with wonder.

That’s how I feel about big black cock. AND a man who gets off on my pleasure and makes dreams cum true! I’m a very lucky woman.

Black n Tan – with a little white girl thrown in


Faith Roeseler 2012-10-12 10:36:38

Mmm, black and tan! Good call there. πŸ™‚


Lawrence 2013-02-20 21:13:40

Excellent story with great detail.


The Lusty Chick 2014-01-21 05:38:02

I LOVE this. Kendra was getting that big black dick. You’re an honorary black chick now! LOL


THE SWIRLER 2014-01-28 08:59:20

I’m an older white guy.
I’ve been swirling since my teens.
I was fortunate to meet a beautiful dark girl when we were 17.
I’ve been a swirler ever since. I especially like dark girls as, she was a dark skinned beauty. She was beautiful in many more aspects than looks also.

Dark girls rock my boat

I love rockin the little man in her boat;~)


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