How to Get Hired as My Subby Bitch

By Kendra Holliday | August 29, 2015



The majority of submissive men are so annoying!!!

As a sex worker, I can tell you that there are A LOT of submissive men out there.

And they are cluelessly milling around, desperately seeking Mistresses.

The definition of Mistress is this: “a woman in a position of authority or control.”

Sounds good, right? Trouble is, they’re so warped by our patriarchal society, they have it all twisted.

This is what they THINK it means: “a woman to be manipulated to fulfill every whim for the benefit of a silly penis.”

Fuck this Mistress shit. I am a GODDESS. I am a QUEEN.

That means whatever I say, GOES. Fuck your preferences. I mean, if I can do right by you, I will, but it’s really all about me, the Queen, and not you, the lowly minion with an eager dick and shallow wallet.

In our society men are not allowed to fully mature. That’s why I offer finishing school.

The words “entitled,” “eager”, and “annoying” should not come to mind as I review your application.

And in case you haven’t noticed, finishing school is NOT CHEAP.

Take Ceara Lynch ….  just look at what she has to deal with. Sometimes she makes more than $1000 a day, and she EARNS EVERY PENNY. And since she makes so much damn money and knows sub men are plentiful, she offers tips on how to become a humiliatrix.

Here are three recent examples I’ve had to deal with – I’ll never get these 10 minutes back, and neither will you:

  1. panty guy
  2. servant foot sniffer guy
  3. spanking guy

The panty guy contacted me and asked if I would sell him a pair of my panties. I told him for $50, sure. Usually, the guy wants you to wear them for a day, then mail them to him, sealed in a plastic baggy.

Sexy hipsters

Sexy hipsters

I just posted about my awesome panty collection, see?

Then he came back with, “Is there anyway that you could masturbate in them also? And maybe take a photo of you wearing them? And then meet up and slip them off in front of me?”

I told him I would do all that for $200, and never heard back from him.

Let me ask you – would YOU do all of that for $50, plus the cost of a pair of panties? His request would take hours of time and priceless female energy! After all, he could always buy panties himself – it’s the female essence he’s after.

Don’t get my panties in a wad!

The foot sniffing guy contacted me with this request: “I’m a sub that spends a lot of time serving women (which they deserve) in the hopes of being forced to smell their shoes/nylons/feet. Just wondering what you can help me with.”

I replied:

“YES. I need my bathroom cleaned, my sex toy shelf dusted, my shoe shelves organized, and more.
First, we would need to schedule an initial consult to get to know each other better.
If I deem you worthy to be of service to me, my fetish rate is $xx/hr.
Let me know if you’d like to proceed.
Thank you,

He responded:

“I didn’t realize the rate would double when you put me to work lol”

Well, what does he expect? Why would I give up any of my precious time to play along with his fantasies if I’m not being compensated? I don’t even know him!

And as for the spanking sissy, he brought over a bag of girl clothes, a paddle, hairbrush, and strap. Later on, he emailed me:

“Was thinking last night….strap is too heavy…you should  take scissors. And cut at loop at bottom then go up to handle and cut off one of the staps…thus giving more sting…less chance of may have to use more effort….but the results will certainly bring willingness to obey”

Do you hear that? He’s telling ME what to do!

I touch myself :)

I touch myself 🙂

They have it all backwards – it’s topping from the bottom. They SAY they want to serve a woman and do what she wants, but it’s really all about their dick. They contact me asking to serve me, and I have to say, they aren’t very humble about it. You have to EARN it.

I tell them what I want, which is this:

bathe me
play classical guitar while I bathe
drink my bath water
drink my piss
rub my feet
dust my sex toy curio cabinet
gift me with pedicures
shower me with gifts – liquor, chocolates, flowers, lingerie
take me shopping
organize my shoes
clean my bathroom
give me money
take me out for fine dining
vacuum naked
read to me
give me orgasms
jerk off in the corner
tribute me the strap ons, riding crops, and props you want me to use on you
shut the fuck up and let me be Queen

Here’s what THEY want:
stuff up their butt
dick orgasms that are like a sneeze
my panties
me to wear uncomfortable high heels
me to sit on their face a lot
me to ride them furiously
super specific, scripted scenes
cheapies and freebies
my time
my energy

So, the panty guy and foot sniffing guy? Interviewed and FIRED.

I called out the spanking guy on his topping from the bottom, and he apologized and paid up.

Meanwhile, last week I had a sweet man who paid me handsomely to clean my sink while I grabbed him by the balls and spanked his ass. HIRED.

And my dear friend Sissy Maid, who will come over and clean my toilet while wearing a French Maid costume, and I will possibly piss on him if I feel like it? HIRED.

Look, you have to bring more than a dick to the table if you want to serve a strong, capable woman. You have to stand out!

Bring your wallet, gratitude, and RESPECT.

BONUS: Check out this tumblr of Classy Superior Women!


Tom 2015-08-29 20:02:39

I would drag my dick through a half mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.

Ok not really, that’s scary, but that’s the funniest submissive thing I’ve ever heard.


BimotaRich 2015-08-31 02:26:19

Finishing school… well said!


Ed 2015-09-01 16:43:34

Warped by our patriarchal society indeed! Unfortunately I’ll never live to see the day of a matriarchal society.

But I kinda live the male sub life style. I make sure the dishes are done, the catbox is clean, the house is tidy. I make sure she has a decent vehicle. She works but I make sure she has plenty of extra money (as an engineer I made a decent salary). I give her foot rubs often. Sex happens when she wants it; cunnilingus anytime. I get her gifts and flowers often. And I don’t recall ever making any demands of her whatsoever.

I’ve never told her about my submissive fantasies and I’m not interested playing scenes. It’s more satisfying to live it. Yet she calls me her “viking.”

Powerful women are the best. We need more.


stephen 2015-09-28 06:21:39

“Hit me!” said the masochist.
“No!” said the sadist.


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