Hanging Out With Friends

By Kendra Holliday | September 15, 2013

Just hanging out with friends...

Just hanging out with friends…

A while back, Matthew and I had a triple BDSM date with our friends Jade, W, and Ad (they were the triple, we were a mere double).

They are certainly a most unusual triad.

Jade is one of the few women I know who make me look vanilla. I read her website and do double takes on a regular basis. I love how brave and kinky she is! She has two amazing partners. They all get along great, and live a rich and beautiful life. NEVER A DULL MOMENT. At least, that’s the impression I get.

W has a great place that is outfitted with BDSM accoutrements from top to bottom. His ENTIRE HOUSE is a dungeon! He has cages and chains and hooks and whole rooms of fetish gear – it’s quite impressive.

When we were there last, he quickly trussed me up in the corner and gruffly shoved me on to Matthew – “Here you go,” he said, all businesslike. “Do whatever you want with her.”

Trouble was, I could only endure about ten minutes of the tight arm bondage before my arms started to go numb, so I regretfully cried mercy and was released. I felt like such a wimp!

Meanwhile, Jade was being chained spreadeagled and flogged and whipped like a madwoman by her two men. She loved every moment of it. They circled her like wolves and clamped her nipples and tugged viciously on her pussy rings. It was so intense!

I settled on a spanking. I looove being spanked – see?

Spanky spanky!

Spanky spanky!

It’s so nice being the center of attention and feeling so much anticipation. Over-the-knee is especially submissive and plays into the Daddy/daughter dynamic. It stings, and tingles, and smarts, and burns, and makes my heart beat fast. So exhilarating!

Get it nice and pink!

Get it nice and pink!

Sure, various instruments are fun, but I honestly like a strong hand best. It feels more personal. His are large, dry, rough, and warm. I ended up all giddy and disheveled. Being spanked makes me feel connected and loved.

Phew that spanking was fun!

Phew that spanking was fun!

Speaking of spankings, Jade is about to endure an epic birthday spanking – check it out! I voted for the redwood paddle #14 – so pretty!


Jade 2013-09-15 20:52:12

Your bottom has such lovely red glow! 🙂 What a fun night. We should do it again sometime soon.

Oh, and I am totally with you – flogging and whipping is fun, but I LOVE a good hand spanking! Speaking of which, I may have found a new spanking partner…yumm! 😀 (I’ll keep you posted.) 😉

Thanks for the birthday shout-out! I am up to about 2500 whacks! OH SHIT. We’re planning to video and tweet about it while it’s happening tomorrow – and then take me to Crack Fox for an “I survived!” birthday drink. If you guys are out and about, I’d love to see you! 🙂




Castiel 2013-09-16 13:17:51

Fascinating. simply fascinating, I cannot get over how incredibly sexy and exciting your life is. I know that every year I say this, but I really would love to just watch you one day. Just sit in a corner of the room and just watch your interaction with people. Well, lets hope its one day soon 😉


Dan 2013-09-17 08:10:06

Ms Holliday, you said:

“Sure, various instruments are fun, but I honestly like a strong hand best. It feels more personal. His are large, dry, rough, and warm. I ended up all giddy and disheveled. Being spanked makes me feel connected and loved.”

I’ll never quite get over the amazement when I saw for the 1st time a woman’s face light up because I had just spanked her; my bare hand on her bare ass. Everything I’d read and done in connecting with a woman up to that point was the eye contact/kiss/love/sex/orgasm “heart connection” standard. I’m beginning to see that a woman’s heart is somehow, oddly enough, sometimes mystically reached with a bare hand on a bare ass. I’ve a lot to learn!

Oh, and just how is it that to call her a “bitch” in play vs in an argument is like a completely different language. Same word yet one use and context dear, one hateful. Please blog on dirty talk. I need instruction here!

If the point is to be and want “connected…personal, loved” seems some of us need to play catch up in learning what works!


Molly 2013-09-27 05:44:15

Hmmm…. maybe we should move to St Louis!



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