Flexi Felix, Cutest Anal Beads Ever

By Kendra Holliday | May 25, 2011

Oh so cute!

Oh so cute! Like a tapeworm!

There is one thing I hoard the way some women hoard shoes, and that is sex toys. My toy collection has turned into an art exhibit in my bedroom, and I am very proud of it. I LOVE colorful, beautiful, whimsical things, and my toy cabinet is just that.

The latest curiosity on the shelf is Flexi Felix from EdenFantasys, the world’s cutest anal beads. Flexi Felix is like an adorable tapeworm you stick in your butt, and when you orgasm, you slowly pull it out. Have you ever had your finger in someone’s butt when they are climaxing? It’s so hot how their pelvic muscles clench to the waves of the orgasm.

I about fell out of bed when Matthew said he’d like to try Felix sometime. Three years ago he wouldn’t let my finger near his ass, and he’s still pretty anal shy. But Felix is so friendly – in appearance and size. He’s also safe – made of kitchen grade silicone, a really nice texture. I got him in blue, but he also comes in pink and black.

I love how his sweet, goofy eyes provide the perfect handle. He was easy to insert – Matthew got all 10 lubed inches inside me with no problem.

I trained the Hitachi Magic Wand on my pussy as Matthew held Felix’s head and gave me some breast worship. After all the play we had already done, I was like a firecracker being lit. After a red hot minute I whispered, “I’m cumming,” and he pulled the hand grenade pin sloowwly. As Felix left Kendra Cave, it created a lovely added sensation. I was glad to have a partner assist, as I don’t think I could handle it all by myself. I feel bad for all those guys who like anal play masturbating solo in their basement.

Felix came out clean (I was a little worried about that) and washed easily with soap and water.

“When you try him, we’ll be butt bonded!” I said, looking up at Matthew dreamily.

Yes, I do love being a sex slave with butt cooties.

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