Epic Play Party!

By Kendra Holliday | April 23, 2015

Party time!

Party time!

I hosted a big, upscale play party a couple weeks ago, and it was EPIC!

These parties take SO much work to organize. I spend countless hours just on screening and email correspondence. Everyone has so many questions (I added FAQ to the Party page!), and there are details galore to sort out.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a venue. It makes it much easier when someone in the community has a big, classy place and offers to host, but when that isn’t an option, I have to rent a place, which is nerve wracking.

Case in point: A week before this last party, my original venue canceled on me!


So I called in my troops and we ended up finding an even BETTER place. I have a core group of awesome friends – I can’t do it alone!

Super Slut Powers – Activate!

The gorgeous lake house in the country was spacious and modern – IDEAL.

I wore an electric blue dress.

People started arriving at 7pm, and we socialized like a normal party for a couple hours.

The place was TEEMING with gorgeous redheads – there were like a dozen of them. And so many other sexy, well-dressed people! Women in sparkling evening gowns, men in kilts and tuxedos…everyone was walking around with huge smiles on their faces. Excitement and anticipation was in the air!

Sissy with Scarlet

Good Sissy! Photo by Ricky Sherman

My friend Sissy Maid was in full French maid attire with fishnets and heels, making sure drinks were filled and pillows (tee hee!) were fluffed.

At 9pm, my partner Matthew and I made an announcement. We dedicated the evening to our friends, Warren, Jade and Adam, who had been to some of my parties in the past, but would not be with us this time – just that afternoon, we attended Warren’s memorial service. I started to cry, and Matthew stepped in and picked up where I left off. He always has my back. We reminded everyone of guidelines and etiquette, and then kicked off our icebreaker – a girl pile!

I stood in the middle of the great room and eagerly stripped off my dress, inviting women to join me. We started off with four or five, and it eventually swelled to twenty writhing, orgasmic lusty ladies! It’s crazy – I always envision a soft core porn scene, with women gently kissing, touching, and sighing, but it’s always more kinky and intense!

We took turns being the lucky lady in the middle, reveling in all the hands and tongues and sex toys. You always hear about women taking 20 minutes to orgasm, but with all that concentrated attention and positive female energy, women were popping off left and right! Squirting, screaming, gushing… toes were sucked, asses were spanked, pussies were fucked… and there was a HUGE audience watching it all go down, some overlooking the scene from the balcony. As an exhibitionist, that was a plus for me!

I took a break from the pile and made rounds. Somehow, I ended up wearing nothing but thigh highs and a dog leash. I couldn’t believe the scenes I was seeing! A woman was tied up in the kitchen, being playfully used by a parade of people.

Shibari fun!

Shibari fun!

There were couples and threesomes and foursomes and moresomes all over the couches, tucked away in bedrooms, running around naked…

A man was outfitting women with rope designs, like this one.

I was able to make a weird fantasy of mine come true – I’ve always wanted to be put in a dog cage while my partner plays pool with another woman and has his way with her.

He shoved me in the cage, much to my delight! Here I am!

Think outside the cage!

Think outside the cage!

I don’t know why I have a dog cage fetish – here’s a pic of me from a couple years ago at a different party:

I love being in a cage! Fun fantasy potential...

I love being in a cage! Fun fantasy potential…

Anyway, I crouched in there like a hungry puppy as they played pool – she wore a short, open silk robe, and he was fully dressed. When the game was over (he won of course), he bent her over the pool table and fingered her to orgasm, right in front of my face.

We ended the night with a threesome – this time HE got to be in the middle. It’s good to be King!

The next day, my friends helped me clean up. I always strive to leave people, places, and things better than I found them.

One of my favorite discoveries was the luscious body print left on the picture glass window in the master bedroom – her splayed hands and large, round breasts ghostly illuminated by the rising sun like a mystic nymph… you could even tell her nipples were pierced! I hated to wash it off!

We left SO much good energy in that place. It was truly a Pleasure Palace!

Stay tuned for the next party this summer!


Michael T Brady 2015-04-23 18:54:27

So nice to see the relaxed atmosphere captured in words. Maybe a camping trip for a party over the summer is in order? I will look for a venue and keep you updated. Stay sexy!


kat&mark 2015-04-24 08:50:15

It was wonderful, Kendra. Thanks so much for your efforts and energy!


youknowme 2015-04-25 00:11:31

The house was magical! As soon as we turned into the long, winding driveway, I turned to my date and said, oooh wow! this place has amazing sexy, edgy energy! It was SO sexy. The girl pile was so intensely sensual. Can’t wait until July to dive into the lake and the orgy pit with wild abandon!


B+D 2015-05-05 13:11:31

It was awesome – July can’t get here fast enough!


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