Earthworm Sex!

By Kendra Holliday | May 17, 2020

Guess what! My monogamy stint is officially OVER!

As mentioned in my COVID statement post, I’ve been monogamous with my partner of 12 years since mid-March. This is a big deal, because normally, I’m intimate with several people a month.

Earthworm sex!

Eventually, I’ll need to carefully venture back into the world of sharing physical space with others, and the best place to start is with my other partner, someone I’ve trusted for years. He’s been sheltering at his house, and hadn’t touched anyone for weeks. He even had an antibody test, which came back negative.

We decided on turning our reconnection into a fun experiment. We started by sitting across the room from each other wearing face masks, and having a detailed conversation on how our sexy time would go. We both confirmed our lack of symptoms and all the safety measures we’ve taken.

Next, we undressed, but kept our face masks on. Then, we thoroughly washed our hands and went to the bedroom.

I had a sheet down and some lube on hand.


We laid down on the bed next to each other, but opposite. In other words, his head was down by my feet, and my head was by his feet. And we pressed our flesh together and touched each other all over.

We had earthworm sex! 🙂

Since he hadn’t touched anyone in weeks, it was especially delicious and electric for him – he got HIGH off my good energy, and I basked in his, as well!

We played with each other and shared orgasms, but really it was all the fun touching I liked best. Skinship! Gratitude!

Did we want to kiss and have our usual sexy time routine? Of course. But it was FUN to do something different, and it felt safer, which made us more comfortable and relaxed. And it was definitely an upgrade from phone and video chats. Improvise, adapt, and overcome!

And this was good practice for me, as I open up my intimacy channels next month. I recognize that my actions affect my partners. I’ll be selective and limiting the amount of people I share space with, which means I’ll need to adjust my rates and schedule. I’ll be setting up each session with different rituals and protocols – a conversation about what we’ve been up to, what would feel safe for us, and what we’d like to get out of the session. We must also agree to disclose any symptoms we experience in the days following our encounter.

I know you can’t trust everyone, but you can do your best to lay the groundwork for open and honest communication, and lead by example. If we don’t take some calculated risks, we’ll always be shutting ourselves off from others.

Creative sex for the win!


Steve 2020-05-18 17:29:47

I have always enjoyed your posts , this one really hit the point of whats going on these days , it must of felt wonderful to once again have sexy time with your partner . My situation is stressfull , my wife works in health care here near Toronto Canada and we have been in near isolation from each other for the last 2 1/2 months . We live in different parts of the house as she is in constant contact with sick people but the one thing we do is meet for dinner every evening 10 feet apart at our huge dining room table to talk about her stressful day ( we have 2 teenage kids that stay upstairs with me). I consider what she does without reservation heroic , always upbeat and focused on the positive . We have had no sex since early March and quite frankly due to stress and worry about her i have only masturbated 2 or 3 times during this time. I just read your post to her across the dinner table ( no kids ) and both of us lit up like a bon fire ! Whenever the time comes , and things are getting better here, we plan to do exactly what you and your partner did , what a wonderful idea there are so many ways to make love, you are the best. . We look forward to your next post . PS the caption under your photo should read VERY Pretty.



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