Confessions of a Cuckqueaner

By Kendra Holliday | December 23, 2012

I like to watch.

Have you ever heard of cuckolding? It’s a fun fetish I adore. (See “Cuckoldry as a fetish” section on this page.) My friend Sissy Maid has a huge cuckolding fetish.

I always said I had the female version of the fetish – I love watching my man with other women, but I couldn’t exactly pin down the details and there didn’t seem to be anything concrete out there about it – it was vague and mysterious to me.

Well, the other day I had a consultation with a new client, and he mentioned he had a cuckqueaning fetish. I told him I’d never heard of that before, so he shared a few links with me:

As soon as I clicked on the links, I felt the same feeling I had when I discovered the concept of polyamory – a rush of euphoria, validation, and excitement.

OMG this was right up my alley! This was ME.

I like watching my partner with other women, and I like threesomes, but I like it even better when there’s a kinky twist involved – like when I have to watch, or I’m restrained or being used. Subtle humiliation and denial is good. He isn’t really into humiliating me in this context, but he’s very creative and manages to orchestrate some awesome situations that work well for both of us. And of course it’s a given that he loves being with other women, so, hooray!

THIS post I wrote a few weeks ago is a perfect example of cuckqueaning.

I love licking Lana!

And just a couple days ago, I got to have my fetish indulged again thanks to Lana and Matthew!

I had to work, but they had the day off, so they made plans for an afternoon date. She went over to his house. I knew they would have sexy time, and I was happy about that. Still, it tortured me just a little bit knowing that while I was “tied to my desk,” they were sharing pleasure and orgasms galore.

He sent me a super cute picture of her in the bubble bath. I wanted to be naked in the bubble bath! Lucky!

Then he texted me to tell me she had cum often and hard from all kinds of stimulation – he ate her pussy, played with her nipples, fingered her. He told me he hadn’t taken his clothes off yet, and that his cock was straining and leaking from all the delicious activity.

Then, he texted me: “I want to ask you something.”

“What” I shot back, my heart racing.

“Would you want to call when you get off work and hear me cum with her?”


We all thought it sounded super hot, so they timed it for the grand finale to kick off when I called in about 30 minutes.

Those last 30 minutes were AGONIZING, let me tell you! I was dying, all squirming in my seat, my imagination running wild.

FINALLY it was time for me to leave work, but when I got in my car, I remembered I had to get gas.


Fuck it, I was calling them anyway, I couldn’t wait.

So, heart pounding, I dialed the number and pulled into the gas station. They answered, all happy, laughing, feeling warm and sexy.

I was standing out in the cold, wind whipping around me, all keyed up, when he abruptly announced, “I’ve got my dick in her mouth.”

I nervously fumbled with the gas pump and went weak in the knees hearing him groan with utmost pleasure as she started working on his cock with her velvety mouth. It sounded heavenly. I’ve seen her suck dick and she is a natural, just incredible. She doesn’t use her hands, it’s all mouth, and sucking, and she gets totally into it.

I loved hearing him growl with lust and describe what was going on. I loved that he needed to cum, and she was going to make him cum, she was so good at it.

Occasionally, he would put the phone up to her sucking mouth so I could hear her sucking and moaning and then he would tell her to cum with his cock in her mouth and she would gasp all high-pitched and muffled. Then he would switch the phone back up to his mouth and I could hear him breathing heavy, and I was panting back, telling him how turned on I was, and we were all feeding off each other, until after a few minutes, he did that victory bellow he does whenever he unloads inside a woman.

My every nerve was alight and I felt like I was going to explode!!!

Oh the torture was exquisite! We hung up the phone and I wasn’t able to get to the privacy of my bedroom for relief for at least another hour. The orgasm I had felt SO GOOD.

Later, he texted me an adorable picture of her as she was leaving his house. She was all bundled up and had the biggest smile! I loved knowing that minutes before, he was fucking her face and using her and she was naked and loving it!

I’ve been replaying the scenario and getting off from it pretty much ever since. I’m so glad I got to be with him the next night. And the next night.

But not tonight! Tonight, he has a date with another woman, someone very different, and now I can get all revved up about that!!!


Castiel 2012-12-23 16:24:53

This was so amazingly HOT. The thought of another couple fucking while you listen in or even watch sounds like such a turn on. I wanna experience this for myself. I really need to find some people in St. Louis to play with when I return. Good for you TBK Good for You…


Fritha 2012-12-24 01:38:32

Great to find a fresh cuckquean.


L 2012-12-25 02:04:27

Ooh, thanks for those links. This is a fetish of mine, too, and I also only have found out the name for it within the last year or two. I’ve never gotten a chance to explore it in reality – have always been in purely monogamous relationships – but maybe that will change in the future. Kinda scared by the thought, but with the right person/people, I think it would be amazing!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with it. I can relate to that feeling, the rush of finding out the name for something you’ve felt, and knowing you’re not the only one…


singleexpat 2012-12-28 09:17:07

I want one…


Gary LaBrot 2012-12-30 21:29:37

GLORIOUS!!!! What great pic!


Brad 2013-03-05 19:57:13

🙂 My fav! Nothing hotter than to be cuckolded, well unless your in chastity, of course!


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