CFNM Party, as told by Hank

By Kendra Holliday | May 18, 2018



When a pretty girl (aka Kendra) says, “I’ll fuck you,” you say, “Where and when?”

“My place.” Then, that same pretty girl ups the ante by saying, “How about we make it into a party? As in, multiple girls pleasure you while some other lovely ladies watch?”

“Hmmmmm… mean you can arrange for multiple women to feast upon my sex, while we perform an exhibitionist show for other girls?”

“Sure!” Kendra says with a mischievous grin.

“Like, how many girls are we talking here? 3 or 4?”

“Let me see what I can do.”

Well, what can Kendra do? For a guy who has never had a threesome, two girls sounds like heaven.  Three or four women?! Jesus Christ!! For my night of debauchery, I had the pleasure of entertaining eight lovely women. Is eight too many? Of course not! This is America, and in America, MORE=BETTER!!!

The night started with the ladies arriving in a timely fashion. As each girl entered, I offered them a beverage. I got pretty good at making Cosmos that night; we wanted something fun and girly.

Once all the girls had arrived, it was pretty much a normal party. They gossiped while I served them hors d’ oeuvres and more drinks. I eventually joined the party, chatted with the girls, told them a little about myself and learned about each of them.

Kendra picked some wonderful ladies to invite to the party; I felt comfortable all night. I wish there would have been more time to chat with the ladies, but I’d like to thank each of them for being so nice and beautiful.

Now the fun begins! Three lovely ladies offered to treat me to a night of fun while the other five watched. Kendra and her two friends fought over which parts of me they got to undress. I was all smiles. I really don’t remember a lot of detail from this part of the night, it was more of a blur of ecstasy. I was on my back the entire time, often being pinned down by one of the girls. Kendra wore my necktie the entire time she had her way with me.

Things were happening that were brand new to me. Sometimes I had two girls blowing me, sometimes one. There were hands all over, but I didn’t know whom they belonged to or where they even were. It wasn’t made any easier by the fact I almost always had nipples or a pussy on my face. It was just a blanket of sexxy fun!

With all this fun going on, I didn’t know what to do. It all felt so good. I got sucked, tugged and fucked, but I couldn’t cum.

I eventually did, but it took much longer than I would have expected. I was overwhelmed with sex. I masturbate often, but to prepare for the party I hadn’t cum for five days…this didn’t help.

Maybe because it took so long for me to come, after I did I was in a haze for a long time. It was euphoric. When I walked out of the bedroom I felt dizzy and stumbly. My vision even seemed cloudy.

The aftermath: As a normal guy who’s been in normal relationships, would I be able to go back to my boring life? Would the perverted side of my brain take over? Would I crave this lifestyle from now on?

What I learned from this experience is that “the lifestyle” isn’t for me. I had a great time, and I’m glad I did it. I would not change that, but I don’t feel like I need this anymore. My curiosity has been satisfied.

I respect those who are part of “the lifestyle”, it’s just not what I need. I never thought this would be my answer, but I want a traditional relationship. A girl, just one. This should be a lot easier to find.

I think my favorite part of the entire night was being cuddly with one of the girls. My answers might sound lame, and I bet most of you guys won’t believe me, but the grass is not greener. Sex doesn’t seem like a good substitute for companionship…for me.

Not only did I learn this valuable lesson about myself, something I would’ve always wondered without this experience, but I also gained a wonderful sense of satisfaction. I thought I’d gain confidence from this experience, and I may have gained some, but the feeling of comfort is a wonderful place to be. I’ll still fantasize about situations with many women, but now that I actually know it’s not the ultimate answer, I’m left feeling content.

To everyone involved: I’m thankful for the experience and even more thankful for the lesson learned.

Searching for that one special lady,

UPDATE: This special occasion took place five years ago, and since then, Hank has been in a relationship with a very special lady for over a year. They just moved in together. Best wishes to the happy couple!


Aleks 2019-04-29 13:52:15

Hi. I like it. Would love to be a nude servant for a group of ladies.


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