Can Women Get Ruined From Too Much Sex?

By Kendra Holliday | January 17, 2021

Dear Kendra,

A recent tweet of yours got me thinking. Someone asked about the number of sex partners and someone answered, “Why does it matter?”

Well, the average guy like myself, ignorant to the female body, thinks men can have sex with a thousand females and have no physical change to the penis, but if a woman has sex with a bunch of partners, her vagina becomes stretched out or damaged in some way.

As I get older and wiser, this seems like a really stupid believe. Can women have sex with many partners without physical change? Could you explain how the female body really works and educate us cavemen?

My reply:

Sexy hipsters

Sexy hipsters

Every body is different, so some women have very tight vaginas to begin with that slowly become looser over time, kids or no kids, sex partners or not.

How many kids you have makes a difference. So can how much you use your vagina. OR it makes no difference! What if she has c-sections, for instance?

What if she fucks guys with HUGE dicks?

What if she’s a porn star? I’ve heard of porn stars doing anal scenes for five years who sustain damage. Then there is Belladonna who takes really good care of her body and exercises muscles most of us aren’t even aware of!

A woman can do Kegel exercises and tighten PC muscles and make things better.

I’ve asked several guys how different pussies compare – guys who have been with total sluts, women who have had NO kids or four kids, and they say it all feels the same. I think that is their honest answer.

I’ve heard rumors that fat women and tall women have bigger pussies, but based on personal experience I don’t think that’s true.

In closing, it depends on the person. I’ve had hundreds of partners and use my pussy A LOT, so much so that I’ve had a newspaper write an article about my varied vaginal accomplishments. I’ve had one vaginal birth (it took me a year to heal!) I’ve been fisted 3 times. My pussy is just fine, I keep healthy and have lots of orgasms, I think that helps with muscle tone and blood flow.

See my Top 10 That Have Been in My Vagina list!

See my 10 Worst Things That Have Been in My Vagina πŸ™

See my FISTING story, with pics! I loved it so much, I did it AGAIN, in front of an audience!

After I told Curious Caveman all this, he came back with: “I wish I could’ve seen the fisting thing, but I would think someone with so much experience would have a hard time getting off and having orgasms. It must be a badge of honor for any guy that can make you cum. I would be very proud, at least. Are orgasms as fun and frequent as ever, even though no sexual experience is new to you?”

I assured him that my partner is very proud and talented, and I am very sexual and orgasmic!

I like having sex every day as part of my healthy diet, just like people enjoy eating every day. Food tastes good everyday, despite eating it all the time, right? I love eating at my favorite restaurants, but I love trying new places too. Sex can very easily be compared to food – it is hedonistic and pleasurable.

And necessary.


Silky 2011-09-12 13:20:00 (nsfw, picture at the bottom of the page)

“My name in Kacey, I have birthed two large babies, slept with multiple partners and had a variety of interesting items in my hoo-ha. Despite this myriad of “vagina destroying” activities, my pussy remains the bastion of partner pleasing, baby birthing and self-exploratory awesomeness that it has always been. Woo!”


    Moose123 2021-02-05 18:09:10

    You sound just like one of these SLUTs that I have heard about,but then one day you get a hold of a big black dick that winds up giveing you an S. T. D.that eats your pussy hole out to where it is the size of a orange,and when you are laying on your death bed,you ask your self,was it worth all this pain and bleeding?just to get fucked?


    Moose123 2021-07-29 22:09:16

    I can only tell you what I have seen and been told about by doctors that I talked to.I seen an army nurse in viet nam that came over to take over the hospital and she dated a pilot that flew choppers in and out of chu lie viet nam.With in 3 months of being in country,she got syphilis which ate up her pussy to where you could put a base in her and not even hit the sides of her pussy. This is one of the main reason why I don’t run around with sluts,because you never can tell just what the hell she has just inside those pussy lips? I also saw a good friend of mine die because of his dick and nuts turned black and swelled up to about two sizes to big and start to delay. So,you can laught and say that this does not happen if you want to,but I know different,but in some cases all you get is a pussy that is 8 to 10inches deep and a girth of 5 to 6 inches,but if you happen to have a small 5 inch dick,then you had better send her on back to her


Vincent 2011-09-12 15:06:02

I’ve been with over 30 women, and I can say there is a difference in vaginas. It’s how they’re shaped, kind of like cocks. Some are more pleasing to my cock, some are not. Some are short, some are wide, some are placed higher or lower, some are tight, some are loose, and some are just right. I’ve been with women with one kid, two kids, three kids, and no kids. Each vagina was different, but they all had one thing in common; they felt good while I was in them. πŸ˜‰


    Kendra 2011-09-14 12:57:38

    Thanks for your insight! Glad you enjoyed your time with each and every one!


      Moose123 2021-01-16 13:56:09

      In other words you are just another highly over educated over paid slut,that will fuck just about any man with a dick. Well,I hope that you get a bad dose of syphilis and die while you are laying on your death bed. Men like me risk thier life and alot of us died,just so you could be a worthless SLUT! I wish that we could have sent women over to viet nam,so that you all could have fucked the enemy to death,and saved alot of guys thier life. I can see why this country is headed for the pits of hell and it is because of stupid sluts,and whore mongrels,that are not worth a pile of shit.Sence this country has lost it’s soul,I can only hope that you and people like you wind up in the hottest part of hell,and suffer the worst ,because you are worthless.You have never seen a man get his guts shot out,you have never seen a man get his leg or are blowed off,and yet that was the price that we had to pay for you to be a WORTHLESS.SLUT!


    Moose123 2021-02-05 18:13:38

    You are just a worthless whore mongrel that needs to get an S. T. D.and lose your dick,and I hope you suffer while you are die g!


Creideiki 2011-09-13 07:20:35

This post got me to thinking about the sexual partners I’ve had. Only one of them has had children (one child), and she happened to be my height (nearly six feet). I knew she had been very sexually active, but it felt the same to me as my other partners. Which is to say, just fine. πŸ™‚

I wonder if the “vagina will break down from lots of sex” is less physiology and more slut-shaming. As usual, it’s OK for men to have hundreds of sex partners but not women. Stupid!


EvanderS 2011-09-14 00:22:30

That’s like saying, “If a person thinks too much does her brain get ruined?”

I think the body is pretty good at regenerating itself. I also think that the more you use it the better things get… people get more relaxed and confident and get over hangups. They learn to be more in the moment.


Get Lots Of Sex 2011-09-15 09:44:39

Everyone should have a lot of sex, it’s fun and healthy. It’s a total myth that a womens vagina will become loose by having lots of sex. Not true. Its been proven that it restores its original shape no matter how many huge cocks shes had in her.

To learn how to have lots of sex check out my article at


Buddha 2011-09-15 10:05:07

I’ve ruined many vaginas, but mostly because they ask “WHAT THE FUCK?? THAT’S THE BEST WE COULD DO?? WHY NOT JUST TROLL THE HOMELESS SHELTERS!!!” They go to vagina therapy and, eventually, gain their self respect back, but… I’ve also seen them fall out, yes. I remember being at a Target once and this Swedish woman was butt naked, running around the store to the tune of “Dancing Queen.” I thought, wow… that’s awesome… until HER FUCKING VAGINA FELL OUT!!! Then I was like… that’s ABBA for you.


Dregan 2011-09-16 23:19:45

True story, no sh*t, no sh*t, there I was…

Some time ago (2002 – 2003, maybe) I was working as security for Ohio Leather Fest (now defunct, sad tear…)
Anyway. There was a demonstrator there who went by the name meat puppet. I can’t remember her top’s name, but I will never forget meat puppet.
They were giving a talk on fisting (go fig…) Arguably more wear and tear then regular sex, yes? Meat puppet’s schtick was that her top (who was easily 6’5″ or better) would hoist her up, stick his hand up to the elbow, and carry her around that way. They would then ask someone to whisper a number into her top’s ear, and he would tap it out (inside her) and she would parrot the number out loud. Quite a sight.
Anyway, one of the audience was a genuine, certified, practicing doctor. He argued that she was doing terrible damage to her ladybits with all this, all the way up to her cervix. She invited him to glove up and try (and I swear this is a quote) ‘take a test drive.’ He did, although he did not lift her up like the beast she was with did. She started squeezing. The doctor, trying not to lose face, said that he felt ‘some pressure, but not what he would expect – could she try harder?’ – yeah, real nice guy.

We ended up taking him to the ER for what ended up being a quite badly sprained and almost broken wrist.

I’ve also heard horror stories of ER docs getting patients who’s ‘virginny’s done falled out’ – google ‘distended vagina’ for grossness.

So based on experience, it’s up to the owner of said orifice to see to it’s care and maintenance.


    Kendra 2011-09-20 11:54:37

    I’ve been meaning to reply to this comment for days now:

    OMG! WOWOWOWWOWOWOWOW you get the vagina prize


Kendra 2011-09-20 11:58:31

…And once again I’m wondering why people call men “pussies” when they think they’re acting wimpy. Penises are more delicate!


    Kate 2016-05-23 17:38:46

    Yes!! I’ve been substituting the term “scrote” per Dan Savage. Pussies are strong and powerful!!!


Stephen 2016-05-20 04:53:24

Hah! My friend and I (she’s delightful and a open and proud slut of late) were just having a similar discussion (and we discussed you, Kendra, with positive things said about you from both of us), so thanks for reposting this one.

I think your guy friends are lying tho – and I’d love to hear Matthew’s take on this, but I think it’s actually quite rare for and two pussies to feel alike, let alone all of them.

And I have found taller women (who aren’t rail thin) really do have larger pussies. I think it’s easier for me to tell the difference, being a bear of very little cock. But yes, pussies feel differently, even when it’s the same pussy over time! A lot has to do with the level of preparedness. My ex was usually pretty tight at first, but after some time I could allllmost get a fist in there.

My aforementioned friend has pushed two children out of her vagina, but with kegels and zumba, I hear it’s still a party in there! Her last FB was a jewish guy with a HUGE cock (think Pringles can….not kidding, I’ve seen photos), but thanks to her consistent care with herself down there, her other dates have had nothing to complain about.

Again, tho….Matthew’s take would be great here. I’m betting he says your pussy feels differently based on many factors also! Which just makes the spice of life even better!


    Kendra Holliday 2016-05-20 07:38:09

    Yes you bring up a good point! I have heard from other men that they can tell a difference in the same woman’s vagina at different times of the month.


Philip 2016-05-21 18:49:56

Interesting conversation. With every new partner that I am privileged to be intimate with, I am more and more certain that I am being compelled to always calibrate and improve my awareness of my partner’s anatomy. Always my primary goal is that she experiences delight, i.e., the orgasmic experience. I currently have a play partner who has given birth to 3 children vaginally and she needs me to be with her (in her) in a way I haven’t come upon often w previous partners. The situation begs that I attenuate myself to her pleasure almost in a hyper sense, it defintely requires greater attentiveness from me, and I am fine with that. In so doing I will always experience sheer delight and ecstacy, but it invites me to put her pleasure at the center of my focus. I will always cum, so I have less concern about that, but her vagina being shaped differently is a kind of gift to me and I suspect is making me a better play partner. I am fairly certain future partners will benefit from my current scenario. I feel I have grown to be a better lover/partner in the process.

Also, Kendra it was wonderful to hear your name mentioned by Cooper on the ‘Life On the Swingset’ podacst episode that I was listening to on the way to work today. It was the episode touching on dynamics within the lesbian swing community.

Keep up the great work!


Floro 2016-05-23 06:01:22

After many years of not seeing my first big love, I lucked out that she came to see me. I had been away for many years and was back in my own country for the first time.
We went to bed and it was surprising how I recognised her body ! I remebered every detail from twenty years earlier !
Only visibly there was a surprising difference; she had a series of flowers surrounding her vagina ! Yes, she had a big tattoo there. It was a big turn-on for me and I asked her if she was into tattoos. She said ‘yes, but I cannot afford it’. We have been seeing each other for a year and a half now and I paid for more tattoos. Big colorful flowers are now covering her upper torso ! Nex we are planning a big dragon on her back ! Not everybody likes the idea, but I just love it. Never had greater sex !


Sad Mike 2020-01-30 00:02:44

It is very odd to me that you women on here can do all sorts of things to your body,but I know quite afew women that has sleep around for 15 to 20 years and they now they are in thier 30 to 45 years old and they are haveing trouble with pain,bleeding,and some even get more them thier fair share of infection and I don’t mean yeast eather. Some of them have told me that thier doctor’s have told them that there cerfick’s are torn and won’t heal,and they have to go for shots every three month’s to keep down the infection from haveing thier pussy hammered by different size dicks and from being streached out from 3 to 4 inches up to 15 to 18inches.Some of these women were planning on settling down to have kid’s,but with all the doctors Bill’s and haveing to buy those adult diapers to catch the blood that comes out puts a toll on them,and those ones that had a boy friend that thought that they would get married found out that the boy friend had changed his mind and
found some one elce who did not have a pussy the size of a quart jar. The last that I heard was that they were all still singel. O well,we all have to stand before God one day and answer for all our sin’s,and it don’t matter what you say,because he has it all written down.I think that you are going to have a very rude awakeing one day!


Hector 2021-01-19 03:19:08

Where do you get those letters, Kendra? Is there a place I can send you a latter for you to consider turning into a post on your blog?


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