Back from Japan!

By Kendra Holliday | November 17, 2014

Last week I was in Tokyo on business.


8000 miles away! Halfway around the world!

It was an amazing experience!

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Japan. I’ve heard so much about it- the fetish clubs, the crazy game shows, the cat cafes and ninja restaurants…

Me at the base of a shrine

Me at the base of a shrine

I got to fly First Class and hang out in the fancy frequent flyer club – I didn’t even know those places existed! Normally I camp out in airports at the gate or sports bars like common folk. It turns out there are HUGE private areas where privileged people can have their own mini-office, lounge area, and free booze!

I had a few glasses of wine before I got on the 12 hour flight. I’m so bad like that! But I also drank a lot of water.

I kind of hate flying. I try distracting myself with books, podcasts, movies, so that I don’t think about the plane suddenly breaking apart and plummeting to the ground in -60 oxygenless atmosphere.

On this flight, I saw the epic movie Boyhood, caught up on podcasts (RISK, Snap Judgement, This American Life), and read porn star memoirs by Asa Akira and Madison Young. They are both so amazing and daring and interesting! So raw and honest, they both described anal scenes where they bled unexpectedly, with different outcomes.

Thankfully, I managed to get to Tokyo without any crashing or anal bleeding.

I opted not to take any sex toys with me – I like traveling light and reacquainting myself with my hand on occasion. I kind of wanted to see how long I could go without needing an orgasm, but with all that reading of hot porn scenes (and then having to look up porn clips for reference), I had to take care of myself three or four times.

Matthew had one date while I was gone. I was hoping to Skype in to watch them enjoy each other, but alas, timing didn’t work out. I was 15 hours ahead of St Louis!

I stayed at a luxury hotel and ate real, live sushi! As in, the chef pulled a live shrimp out from under the counter and tore it in half right in front of me! The poor thing squirmed horribly and the tail he spread out on a bed of rice TWITCHED. I internally freaked the fuck out. He smiled at me and said, “Very fresh!”

When he wasn’t looking, I poked the tail with my chopstick to make sure it wasn’t moving anymore, then reluctantly put it in my mouth, chewed and swallowed. I didn’t want to be rude to the chef or the mutilated sea creature. That taught me a lesson – I didn’t seek out sushi for the rest of the trip.

When I told Matthew about it later, he pointed out, “But you’ve eaten shrimp thousands of times in the past – it was just dead for longer!”  (…)

I had Japanese breakfast on the 40th floor of the hotel – miso soup! sweet egg! – you could see Mt Fuji in the distance!

View of Tokyo

View of Tokyo

All that green nestled between the buildings is an Imperial Garden – civilians are not allowed, only royalty!

This was the view from my hotel room:

Tokyo at night

Tokyo at night

So exciting!

I loved the bidet in my bathroom – I could sit around and enjoy hot water streaming on my anus at the push of a button. I have to confess – I did it a lot more than called for. It’s like being a baby kitten with your mama licking your butt!

I took taxis and the subway. The first time I rode the subway, I almost had a heart attack – it was so crowded and scary and I had no idea what was going on!

By the end of the trip, I was able to ride the subway solo back to the hotel! Proud of me!

I even got to experience a tiny earthquake!

Every day, I was out until midnight, exploring pockets of the area and bar hopping. I went to a bar that had cow horns for mugs, and British pubs and Italian pizzerias and swanky dinners. The streets had shops, clubs, restaurants and bars on street level, as well as five stories above, and also basements. I gravitated toward the basement pubs. One I liked was called Hobgoblin. It was full of devils and goblins and DRUNK people. I drank a lot, but I kept my shit together, practicing Responsible Hedonism: as long as you take care of your duties and obligations, you can have as much fun as you want, as long as you don’t hurt others. It felt very safe walking around there at night.

I had an unexpected bonding experience while I was there – I met a normal married business man and we hung out a couple times. We didn’t have a lot in common, yet we shared HOURS of intimate conversation. We got really deep, sharing secrets and desires. I asked him what one of his hottest sexual moments was, and he said it was a time he was with a woman and she was on top, and they fucked each other so hard, they rode the mattress right off the frame and onto the floor! WOW. I’ve had my earrings fucked out, but I’ve never levitated the bed!

I developed a crush on him, it kind of snuck up on me. I looked forward to him being around, but I had to play it cool. There’s a time and a place, and while I’m fine fucking married people (as many of you WELL KNOW ;)), it’s important to leave people better than you find them. He’s been with his wife for over 15 years and they are very happy together, and have sex on a regular basis. I told him how fortunate he is! I know so many married men who hardly get any intimacy at all. SAD! It’s like they are starving.

The only physical interaction we had was a hug goodbye. Ughhh that was hard! But also kind of sexy. I was proud of myself for doing the right thing. I could feel energy between us. Sometimes, the emotional connection is as fulfilling – or even more so! – than physical. I hope I gave him some new things to think about. He really made my trip so much more enjoyable.


I had tea overlooking a Japanese garden.


Japanese garden

One night, my friend flew in from Korea so we could spend the evening together. She is 33 and identifies as asexual, but she confessed to me that she has felt attraction to someone for the first time ever! I was so surprised! So now she’s leaning more toward graysexual, or maybe demisexual.

We wandered a whole other area, and explored a pet store. WOW it surprised me! I wasn’t expecting to see the variety of animals for sale and wandering around the store free range – big lop eared bunnies, a huge apricot poodle, tortoises the size of ottomans… and a big, pink pig in a cage. And an owl! I felt like I was in Diagon Alley!

Poor sweet bird

Poor sweet bird

These three baby turtles stacked on each other were pretty funny – just look at that top one’s face!

I'm King of the Hill!

I’m King of the Hill!

The trip was very surreal.

I like Japan better than China, but Europe is still my favorite. Next year we plan on going to Alaska, and the year after that, Iceland!

But I’m getting ahead of myself – I came home after a week of being away, and as soon as my plane landed, my email exploded with people wanting to schedule time with me. Wow, it’s nice to be missed! I missed everyone, too!! I will email you back soon, please pardon me as I get caught up!

Within two hours of being back, I was showered and dolled up for my man’s “Bourbon and Warm Spirits” party.

I brought him back this Japanese bourbon:

Old Style Japanese Bourbon!

Old Style Japanese Bourbon!

All the guests brought bottles as well, so by the end of the night, the counter looked like a bourbon bar!

Everyone took turns sharing warm and loving thoughts about each other. There was a bonfire out back, and it snowed! It was so awesome coming home to snow after being in sunny, 60 degree Tokyo!

Here is a funny Vine we made at the party – it’s my first Vine! My friend has a crazy page called “The White Trash Network” – you can check it out here.

After many hours of revelry, almost all the guests took their leave, and suddenly, we were having a foursome with Lana and a lucky gentleman I had my eye on all night!

But of course, I wanted my man Matthew the MOST – I missed him so much! So I reconnected passionately with him, and ended up a sobbing, sentimental slut.

I slept in the next day, then headed to the SEX+STL Topless Tea Party! It was INCREDIBLE! 25 awesome women, ages 20-60+, all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds. We went around the room and shared something interesting about ourselves, and the thing I shared was that many years ago when I was young and slim, I used to have bad boob shame, thanks to society and a few jerky boyfriends who made thoughtless comments. I’m SO glad I love my breasts these days!

This is an old pic from a previous topless tea party – I WISH I could have taken pictures of the bountiful buxom beauty! We all drank tea and chatted and made bra crafts as the snow gently fell outside. It was sooo dreamy!

The hot tea made me a little warm, tee hee!

The hot tea made me a little warm, tee hee!

And of course I had a sweet reunion with my daughter – I brought her back this funny lazy egg character Gudetama from Sanrio and other cute goodies.

I closed out the weekend with another bonfire with Matthew, and then cuddled in the bed and talked about all the things that matter in the world. And of course, had some sexy time. I pretended I was a baby sitter and he was the dad, and there was a party going on downstairs, and we sneaked away to fool around, right there on all the guest’s coats piled on the bed!

Anyway, things are amazing right now and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many loving friends and family. And SO GLAD TO BE HOME! I hope the upcoming holidays give me time to spend with people and sit back and bask in the glow.

Let’s make it happen!


Linda Weiner 2014-11-18 13:20:18

Kendra, welcome home and thank you for allowing us to do the voyeur with you.
It was amazing.


Justin 2014-11-27 21:47:14

That is the best vine I think I’ve seen because everyone looked speechless….awesome. Looking forward to having a session with you in the near future.


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