Back from Germany!

By Kendra Holliday | September 10, 2014

Whenever I think of Germany, I think of GGG. Not Dan Savage’s GGG

but THIS GGG – German Goo Girls. Extreme bukkake cum dumpster porn.

I’m also reminded of Vernonica Moser, the legendary German scat porn star.

I went to Germany last week, and I saw none of that. I saw, tame, idyllic Germany. Like this:

Rapunzel's Castle

Rapunzel’s Castle

I stayed near Rapunzel’s Castle, one of the castles the Grimm Brothers turned into a fairy tale. I also saw Sleeping Beauty castle, but that was boring – no wonder she fell asleep there!

Lots of beautiful scenery:

Lovely German countryside

Lovely German countryside

Even special European rainbows! (“Rainbow” in German is “Regenbogen,” by the way)

Rainbow over village

Rainbow over village

I heard people who talk like this!!!

and THIS!

I didn’t have any of my lovers with me. I decided not to take any sex toys with me, and get reacquainted with my hands.

The first couple days, I was fine, but then my partner Matthew started gearing up for the weekend without me. He went on a date with Kinky Cobra, the woman who fisted me.

He also went on a date with Lana (here is a pic of Lana and me from another delicious time!):

I love licking Lana!

I love licking Lana!

All this sexy time was driving me crazy with desire!!! I got so horny, I couldn’t stop fantasizing and masturbating. I was on fire!

Here are some of the tweets I shared:

“I’m in Germany, drinking French wine and staying in a guest house in an old village, next to a church and a castle. It’s soo romantic! Wish my man could be here with me, but he can’t. Instead, he’s having a date with a young, beautiful woman back home & will fill me in later. Feels so good to be so open!”

“Matthew Skyped me from bed with his beautiful date by his side. They had just finished a sexy romp with blindfolded sensation play. They were glowing and drowsy, all smiles. So sweet to think of me!”

“My man had a date with another beautiful woman. They Skyped to say hello before they commenced sexy time. She was lounging on the couch, natural hair, no bra…drove me crazy! Wish I was there! I can’t wait to be the next woman he’s with! Flying home tomorrow!”

One of the many fantasies I had while I was out of town was of Matthew wearing a tuxedo, and calling me on the phone. He’s standing there as Lana kneels before him, servicing him. He says to me in his deep, growling commanding voice, “Lana’s job is to suck my cock and make me cum. Your job is to listen.” Kindof like that cuckqueaning time we had a couple years ago when I listened on the phone as she sucked his dick omg.

Cuckqueaning is one of my fav fetishes, so I started looking up cuckquean porn. One my favorite cuckquean tumblrs, Closetquean, featured this clip of a cuckquean watching her husband creampie a gorgeous young escort

I LOVE Closetquean because it is SO WRONG and dirty!!!

I got so worked up! I couldn’t WAIT to get home and back to fucking! I miss my people so bad!

One thing I did do while I was over there is visit a real bathhouse. It was amazing! It was clean, classy, beautiful, and featured lots of naked men and women lounging around, enjoying the hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and showers. I felt soo relaxed and warm, sitting under a starry sky, surrounded by Greek columns and marble pools, the tepidarium, sudatorium, sanarium, Russian steam bath and Finnish sauna…. ahhhh!

This afternoon Matthew and I are going to reconnect in bed – touch each other, plug back in, rejoice. We’re so fortunate to have each other. Then we’re going to have dinner at Schneithorst – I never did get any German food while I was over there! Matthew quipped, “If it’s wiener you want, I have it.”

I want it all!!!



Lana 2014-09-10 17:51:21

I love reading about your reaction to your man’s sexy time. Believe me he missed you! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for sharing him


Etienne Perret 2014-09-12 06:59:42

Did you have a chance to visit any of the FKK establishments while you were in Germany? I find they can be lot’s of fun, especially if you can speak German.


closetquean 2014-09-19 12:23:59

I AM so wrong and dirty….! I love it!

Good to read about your travels and cuckquean adventures….wishing you more cucks to come! xoxoxox


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