Aneros Vice 2

By Kendra Holliday | March 11, 2021

Lately, I’ve taken to calling sex toys “pleasure tools,” as it seems a more accurate description.

As you probably know, I offer sex-positive consultations, in which I offer feedback and suggestions for a healthier, happier life. Of course all of my oftentimes unconventional advice is take it or leave it, but I always feel pleased when a person actually takes my advice and DOES THE WORK, i.e., reads the books, listens to the podcasts, and procures the pleasure tools I recommend.

One such man is a lumberjack up in New England. We’ve been enjoying monthly online sessions during the pandemic. He’s looked into my mentors Joan Price and Barbara Carrellas, and has even signed up for classes and expanded his pleasure tool collection. Honestly, he’s shared as many resources with me as I have with him. My favorite relationships are the kind where we learn and grow together. (If you aren’t able to book sessions with me, you can always get free ideas from reading this blog or following me on twitter.)

He saw a review of Aneros prostate massagers on here and decided to get one. Not long after that, he upgraded to a vibrating version called Vice 2. He reported such stunning sensations, I asked him to write a guest post review of it. Here it is!

Aneros Vice 2

“I first learned of Aneros from Kendra. I had shared with her during one of our online sessions that I sometimes felt a wonderful tingling sensation around my anus as I felt myself leading up to climax. Not very macho sounding, but true all the same. She suggested I read a blog post that her partner had written about the Aneros. So I did and I followed a link to the Aneros website.

(I want to take a moment to say that if you are not hiring Kendra for some online fun and sexy conversation, you are missing out!)

I didn’t buy one right away, as I didn’t think it was right for me – the only times I’ve ever had something up my ass was during a medical procedure or that one time I got a lingam massage. The Tantrica offered to massage my prostate and I said I was willing to give it a try. I didn’t really enjoy it, through no fault on her part; she was great. The lingam massage overall was amazing, just not that anal penetration part. I figured that sort of thing wasn’t for me.

One thing from the Aneros website that did catch my eye was the therapeutic side of their products and since I’m in my mid-fifties and on Flomax (tamsulosin) for my prostate, I kept thinking about it. One thing about Flomax is that as a side effect it can dry up your semen and that, my friends, SUCKS. Not being able to actually ejaculate while still orgasming is very unsatisfying for me. So I decided to purchase one to see if it would help. I ordered the Helix SYN Trident.

Once it arrived, I was excited to give it a try. It felt okay, but nothing special from a male “P Spot” point of view. But based on my previous experience, I didn’t expect that for myself. I decided to keep using it for the therapeutic aspect. Uhh, it sure did!!

After using it three or four times the first week, I noticed more ejaculate when I came and harder erections (as Kendra has witnessed!) I was QUITE happy about this and figured I was getting my money’s worth from the device.

That said, after a couple months I thought I would try Aneros’ VICE 2. The Vice 2 is a rechargeable vibrating prostate massager that has a bunch of preloaded vibrating patterns. It has a wireless remote control, making it easy to change the patterns and sensations.

Two versions of Aneros

Once it arrived, I set it up to charge for the recommended two hours and scheduled a solo date with myself to try it out. Once that puppy was charged, I lubed it up and got ready to see if I could in fact experience a male P-Spot orgasm.


I was initially a little intimidated by how much bigger this model was than the HELIX SYN, but lubed up it went in okay. I then turned it on and hit the button to try the first pattern and almost jumped out of my skin at how surprisingly GOOD the vibration felt on my prostate! I cycled through some of the other settings; there are 18 in all, and they all felt good but some felt GREAT, plus it has four intensity settings. I ended up having two FULL BODY ORGASMS, each lasting for ten seconds or so. These two orgasms didn’t involve my penis, but after I started stroking myself, I got VERY hard and eventually, I had a mind blowing genital orgasm. It was an hour well spent!

I love the VICE 2 it is without a doubt the best sex toy I have used, and combining that with the health benefits of having your prostate massaged, it’s a no brainer in my book. I can’t recommend the Aneros VICE2 enough, especially if you are experiencing an enlarged prostate, which most older men do at some point.

Something that is good for your health and gives you incredibly intense pleasure – come on! What’s not to love about that?! (Seriously, read this article for more info on prostate health!)”


Steve 2021-03-11 18:33:40

Hi Kendra and Lumberjack ,

I have tried many male sex toys , my wife was the first to purchase me a sleeve for penis play , she ejoyed giving handjobs for her it was easy because in 30 yrs she has never given oral sex to me so an erotic HJ was her thing sort of say and she was darn good at it. The sleeve really was no better than her hand , then i bought a Fleshlight which at first was awsome but eventually the cleaning of it became a chore , cock rings help with a stronger erection , her little vibrating pocket rocket felt great when pressed just under my ball sack giving stronger orgasms . One day by myself at the local play store i seen the Vice 2 , my wife is not into any ass play whatsoever so i paid cash for it and kept it secret in my computer desk drawer for about a week until i was able to enjoy a couple hours in an empty house . Needless to say what a toy , if i havent ejaculated in a few days the pulse setting can make me orgasm without touching myself then i can usually go again within a couple minutes with light stroking…and some of the most stiff erections i have ever had ..Never have i been able to do that , i dont use it everytime i masturbate but once a week keeps it fresh . I wont tell my wife i have it , this is my personal pleasure secret as she looks unfavorably at anything anal . So Lumberjack it was nice to read someone else is enjoying this toy , prostate orgasms are a mindblowing experience for sure , I am glad now in my mid 50s to have finally discovered this . I so enjoy following your blog over the past few years Kendra , i always look forward to your new posts
Steve from Ontario Canada


    Kendra Holliday 2021-03-11 19:35:58

    Thank you so much, Steve! I’m so glad you also know how mindblowing prostate orgasms can be! I was very glad for Lumberjack to share this. He is very masculine and a bit private, so I hope he inspires other men to explore this intense pleasure!


    Lumberjack 2021-03-21 15:18:41

    Hello Steve, so glad you found this device and you like using it! Once a week sounds perfect for you. Keep on enjoying it.


Jinger 2021-03-22 05:27:29

anal toys are great, but the husband’s real penis is better) but sometimes we also play with my husband, he likes it, but not often


Raked Mast 2021-05-10 21:47:49

I have recently purchased the Aneros Vice 2 and waiting to try it out. I have ED and have tried the pills which used to work but now don’t. I also use Trimix injections which sometimes work. Two years ago I was using some estim pads hoping to get semen pushed out the penis. That didn’t happen. However, while using the inexpensive TENS unit with a pad on the perenium and a small stainless steel acorn shaped butt plug also hooked into the TENS, experienced three involuntary hip thrusts accompanied by a very pleasurable feeling deep in the sexual equipment. Was battling ED at the time and felt that if the (as I now understand ) Prostate was the source, repeating is well worth it.
I will post again here after my Vice 2 arrives.


    Kendra Holliday 2021-05-11 14:46:37

    Very interesting! Thank you for sharing, and for letting us know how you like Vice 2!


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