A Yearning for Yang

By Kendra Holliday | April 29, 2015

Yang is characterized as hard, fast, solid, dry, focused, hot, and aggressive. It is associated with masculinity and daytime. – Wikipedia, on yin and yang

Basking in the glow of male energy

Basking in the glow of male energy

The night before, I had been with a sweet, beautiful woman. The next day, I was with her polar opposite.

Every time I get with Matthew, I feel thrilled and torn – I want to hang out and joke with him, but I also want him to dominate and be mean to me. I want to make love, but I also want to be fucked.

I want to make the most out of each and every moment we’re together.

Unable to make up my mind, I tend to resort to a trust fall approach and let him dictate the mood, which works well for us.

For instance, the last time he came over, he texted me ahead of time with the following instructions:

“Naked, on your knees, facing away from the front door, hands behind your back, don’t speak.”

It ended up being a very intense 20 minutes, leaving me emotionally and physically wiped out for the rest of the day.

This time, I was wearing a cute little red silk shortie pajama set, and ran up to him eagerly when he arrived. We kissed and cuddled and I walked him back to the bedroom by the hand. He chuckled at all the slut droppings – toys, massage oil, and candles strewn about from the night before.

He pushed me down on the bed and crushed me with his formidable weight, which always makes me giggle uncontrollably. Then he relieved us both of our clothes and we reconnected joyously: he had me, filled me, surrounded me … it didn’t take long for both of us to cum.

Then we lounged around for an hour naked and I told him all about my dreamy evening with Rachel, until we circled back to me getting off with the Hitachi Magic Wand as he sucked lovingly on my left breast. The pleasure washed over me, I felt so close to him, I came instantly. (I’ve been so instant soup orgasmic lately! Just add sexy person.)

I just got peed on! I'm so happee!

I just got peed on! I’m so happee!

As soon as I composed myself, I greedily sucked his pussy-scented dick, until he interrupted me. “It’s time for you to kneel in the bathtub, Darling.”

I cheerfully complied. Assuming the position, I went back to worshiping his cock thoroughly, until he pulled out and came all over my face and tits.

Then he rinsed me with his warm piss, which is always a loving, intimate act for us, regardless of the mood. I was soaked, filthy, and very happy. I smiled up at him.

“Your encounter with Rachel was a lot less messy, wasn’t it?” he remarked with a smirk.

“I’LL SAY!” I agreed.

And then I turned on the shower to rinse off.  Content and satisfied….


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Dan 2013-11-01 13:12:40

Wow. I definitely need to get out more often!


Velvet Rose 2015-04-29 14:27:39

What a lovely way to end things!

Velvet x


sub-Bee 2015-05-02 16:51:09

You sound, and look, as if you had a fabulous time!


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