A Tale of Two Clients

By Kendra Holliday | August 1, 2020

Wear a mask!

I have two clients who have been wanting to see me for intimacy sessions since March. I told both of them that I would consider doing a masked session with them. Both are very nice, intelligent people.

Client #1 is a 32 yr old tradesman. I met him earlier this year. His response to my proposal is as follows:

“I’m personally not a fan of wearing masks so I’ll just wait until things get a little closer to normal or whenever you’re comfortable setting something up. 🙂

I would just like to throw out there that I don’t think not wearing a mask when with someone else necessarily means that someone doesn’t have good ethics.

From all the research I’ve done, I’ve concluded that wearing a mask has less than satisfactory results and that washing hands and keeping up with good hygiene practice has much more impact at keeping Covid at bay. Covid has been elevated to a sort of terrifying virus when it’s actually closer to the regular flu that happens every year with a little more power behind it.

I would have no problem being with someone who I know is practicing good self-care habits to actively prevent getting the flu and is strengthening their immune systems more than I would trust the effectiveness of a mask (which has to be a an N95 mask in order to protect against the virus particles. The Covid virus can easily slip through any other kind of cotton or fabric that’s being used as a mask.)

Just wanted to say that not all men who are choosing not to wear masks are synonymous with having low ethics. I’m trying to be as conscious and aware of the decisions I make and not just blindly follow everything the government tells me to believe about anything, including Covid.

Hopefully that comes across as sharing my perspective, as I’m not attempting to be divisive. 🙂

Client #2 is a 64 yr old scientist. I’ve been seeing him for years. He has opted for monthly phone sessions with me all this time, as opposed to seeing me in person. I showed him Client #1’s take on masks and Covid. His response is as follows:

Let me school you on creative sex…

“He sounds sincere and maybe believes he’s ethical, but he’s uninformed.

A mask alone isn’t perfect, and may therefore be ‘less than satisfactory’, but almost any mask reduces transmission. Washing hands, etc. is good, but it’s not an either-or. A mask provides additional protection.

He’s uninformed about the virus. The virus itself is only about 100 nm across, but it thrives in water (since we are mostly water), and therefore rides inside microscopic water droplets which are much bigger, sometimes in very big droplets that sometimes spray out of our mouths when we speak. I’ve sometimes felt one of those droplets hit my eye when speaking to someone only a few feet away. A mask of almost any kind will stop those huge droplets.

If he’s right about washing hands having much more impact to the point that wearing a mask adds little, why do all hospital workers tending to Covid-19 patients not only wear masks, but also visors, gloves, and protective clothing? In fact, I sometimes go into places with not only a mask, but a flip-down visor that was actually designed for eye protection in a machine shop. You can get the virus through your eyes.

It actually is a terrifying virus, and not at all like the flu in its risk. Recent CDC study shows that 1/3 of people who showed symptoms deal with stuff for quite some time, and even asymptomatic people have undetected long-term lung damage. The virus attacks ACE2 proteins which exist in many internal body organs. Some experts consider the virus to be a vascular disease, not just a respiratory virus, because you can have blot clots and heart damage even if you survive.

I think some people are fooled by the fact that many people truly only get very mild symptoms, but it’s not understood why some people, even those who have no underlying conditions, can suffer badly. Having blood type A seems to double your risk over having blood type O for example.

And there is now a minority of people they call ‘long-haulers’ (lots of hits on the web on that one now) who can’t seem to get rid of the virus for months, with aches and pains and fever — for months!

And so there is a risk of unknown long-term effects, since unlike the flu that we’ve known for thousands of years, this is a totally new virus with a substantially new genetic code. It’s still not fully understood what all it does in the body.

So, I’d say that, ‘not all men who are choosing to not wear masks are synonymous with having low ethics’: but rather, they are synonymous with having a lack of insight and factual data and information.”

SO! What do you think? Let’s leave the final word to Dr Fauci:


Matt 2020-08-26 12:47:38

I think the problem starts to lay in the fact since it a highly virulent strain of virus; all the protection in the world isn’t going to stop you from eventually getting it. However – a argument can be made for reducing viral load.

There is no easy answer to this COVID Pandora’s Box.


    Kendra Holliday 2020-08-26 12:50:36

    This is the Quote of the Year: “There is no easy answer to this COVID Pandora’s Box.” – you nailed it.


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