A Date With a Gentleman

By Kendra Holliday | July 7, 2018

(This is not a pic of him, but of some random gentleman)

So, we’ve been dating this sweet ‘n sexy couple for the past year or so.

It’s been very slow going because we’re all so busy. We finally realized we had to carve out time with each other in order to have special dates, so one week I went out with the husband, and Matthew had a date with the wife a couple nights later.

Let me tell you about my date first – he was such a gentleman!

I wore a pretty, silky jade dress. I felt a little nervous! I was excited to finally have a chance to talk and bond with him in an intimate manner. We had sex once before, months ago, but it was a totally different feel – anonymous and clandestine, with no words exchanged. So even though I had a sneak preview of his prowess, tonight felt brand new.

He came to my door and knocked, presenting me with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of lettuce greens from his garden! He complimented me on my dress and opened the car door for me.

We went to The Fountain on Locust for drinks and dinner. He knew right where he was going, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing!

This was our first chance to enjoy one-on-one quality time with each other. He made me feel so special. I was in a delicate, feminine mood that night. He asked me questions and listened thoughtfully as I babbled away about all kinds of things. He had such a confident, gentle demeanor.

The Fountain served us AMAZING ice cream martinis, which we kept sampling throughout dinner. Our server was amazing and added some electric energy to the atmosphere. His intensity made me blush when he took our drink orders. I love the decor, too – all blue and gold, art deco.

When we got back to my place, he went to pour two glasses of wine for us. When he returned, he found me wearing only lingerie – I couldn’t wait to slip my dress off!

We sat down on the couch. He handed me my glass of wine, and then whoops! We just started making out. I felt drawn to his mouth and just kissed him for probably five minutes while holding the wine. Finally we broke away long enough for me to set it down. It felt so natural. He smelled so good, like clean sexy man.

I’m not sure if he took Viagra, but he was rock hard the ENTIRE TIME we were together. It was a case of High School Dick! So flattering. I’d told him I was having my period, but he produced a condom anyway, which I took as a sign that a little blood doesn’t slow him down! I was glad, because I was so horny!

In fact, when we went back to the bedroom, we continued with our hot-n-heavy exploration. Under the red mood light, I humped his awesome thigh and got off that way. I think his muscular, hairy thighs are my favorite physical feature on him. I love a man with nice legs!

I loved sucking his cock, it was such a magnificent pleasure. It’s like a pink torpedo, so straight and flawless and rock hard. Honestly, he should be a penis model.

He’s so big and strong, but he was nice and gentle with my breasts.

When he went to enter me (he’s such a condom champ!), he had such a look of purpose. And the way he pushed all the way in until he couldn’t impale me further felt like he wasΒ  pinning me to the wall! It was so intense! The way he towered over me reminded me of Matthew, but different! And then when he flipped me over doggy style it felt so good I came right away! I love when there are no kids in the house and you can raise a ruckus.

He, on the other hand, was a strong and silent type when fucking, but when he got close to climax, he made really sexy, deep sounds, like a drum roll πŸ™‚ And when he came it made me think of those snakes popping out of the can! And then, he gave my ass a celebratory smack!

Being with him felt very exciting but relaxing at the same time. It felt familiar, welcome, natural. All that time we spent the past few months hanging out paid off! PLUS, he totally made me forget about my cramps.

He was so confident and in charge. It was the perfect evening for me!

Was that all too mellow and vanilla sounding for this blog? Here, take an energetic turn with the things his wife had to say about her evening with Matthew:

I had a truly amazing time last night. Here are some highlights:
1.Β  FOUR mind blowing orgasms plus hard, dripping, wildly hard cock and sticky tits.
2. Great and thought provoking conversation
5. Oh dear god the music. Cream inducing.
6. The undivided and romantical attention by candle light.
7. Gorgeous weather.

I could have swum around in your world for ages. What a remarkable treat to have you all to myself all night. You made me feel like a queen, friend and confidant.

You greeted me at the door and looked like such a giant, yummy bear. Your wet skin still glistening from your shower. I knew I wanted to devour you immediately. I loved the way you made me cum over and over. Being just rough enough and gentle at the same time.

And your cock! I loved taking you into my mouth; licking, sucking, teasing with my tongue. The pleasure on your face when you came on my tits. Your full weight on top of me, knowing I’m safe.Β  There’s nothing hotter than a huge man enjoying pleasures of flesh. Mmmm.

Last night was sexy, romantic, funny, engaging and wonderful. I didn’t want it to end. You, sir, are a shiny gem. Such a gentleman.

I look forward to our next date and variations of time between the four of us. I love you both dearly and consider you family.

So now that we accomplished our special dates with our respective talented gentlemen, we need to get the next series of dates on the calendar, featuring all kinds of fun combinations! This couple is so sexy and so much fun!


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Dan 2014-05-03 20:27:44

What a reminder that all sexual connecting is (my take)just that: connecting. Personal, face to face, kind, wild on a good day. All that at the same time. What a story! O that married folk could treat each other as such spacial and sacred people as what I read in these accounts! People slowing down enough to make it about the connection more than just the pleasure or the sex. And wow, such pleasure and connecting! You two sound like true healers! Wish we could all treat each other like this all the time.


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